Poor Behavior

Revere Stripper Unleashes On Coworkers, Brags About Selling Drugs In Strongly Worded Videos



This woman came on the Live Show after we blogged about her in 2017, and it was probably the funniest episode we ever did. Unfortunately it’s gone forever because it was a Facebook Live show and that page with 112,000 followers got nuked at the end of the year. 

Meet Lee-Marie Pastore from Everett:

As you can see, the savage life chose her, and thus she is a stripper at the Squire Lounge in the steaming pile of debauchery and traffic known as Revere. Her stripper names are Faith and Boston, and she recently made one of the most ratchet, racially confused videos of all time. It takes place in what appears to be the dressing room at work. And until now I didn’t realize you could have bare titties on Youtube. I don’t feel like getting demonetized by showing the FULL video, but it contains two of the saggiest floppy jalopies you’ve ever seen.


Anyway, we edited the video a little bit, so you can still see and hear this chlamydia clam in all her glory, without having to subject yourself to seeing the flapjacks: (click here if video doesn’t embed)

As you can see, she is celebrating her latest accomplishment:

I just whooped your ass bitch.” 

Not sure who she’s referring to, but it probably began when she and the other woman were fighting over a library book.

Then she taunts her opponent some more:

“How’s your hair bitch? You gotta f*** mad n words to be where you need to be, bitch!!”

Ummm, you’re a stripper. Maybe you shouldn’t be casting judgment on other women doing what they have to do to extract men from their money.  We all can’t rags-to-riches success stories like Lee-Marie, who graduated from Dunkin Donuts to the pole.

This was the mic drop:

“At the end of the day I’m a real ass b****. I pop p***y. I sell drugs. I do what the f*** you can’t do my n word.”

Question – does this look like a fake ass ho who DOESN’T pop p***y, sell drugs, or do what other competing ratchets can’t do?

If p***y poppin was an Olympic event she’d win the gold medal, then pawn it for crack money.

She even had one of her coworkers set her up with a softball question:

“I heard you f***ed up four b****es?”

“Four b****es, not one. But four my n word.”

Still a tougher question than anything I’ve heard on CNN.

So obviously Lee-Marie Pastore has accomplished a lot in life. She’s also capable of magic:

“I don’t even have a dick b****, and I just fucked your throat my n word.”

That is brisk, son.

Oh, and she cooks:

“I got that sauce, I got that marinara. B**** just got f***ed by a n word who don’t have a dick. She should’ve told you not to f*** with a real one m n word.”

I’m pretty sure you don’t want any sort of sauce that comes out of Lee-Marie Pastore’s meat wallet.

If you get a lap dance from her I’d highly recommend a quick run through the car wash afterwards. Just sayin.


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