Poor Behavior

Revere Woman Calls People Fat For Questioning Why She’s Begging For Christmas Money After Government Check Doesn’t Come Through


This is Jeanna Fusco Seldon from Revere.

Christmas is less than 2 weeks away, so naturally she decided this would be a good time to start thinking about getting her two kids stuff for Christmas. Except there’s just one problem – she doesn’t have any money because the check she thought she would be getting from the government didn’t end up coming.

What. A. Sentagraph.

Just to review. Christmas this year was entirely hinging getting a 62F refund check (not 63f), but they’re not giving it to her because she claims that they told her she got a deduction for having two kids and thus was ineligible. Except according to the state’s website it says that, “credits may be reduced due to refund intercepts, including for unpaid tax liability, unpaid child support, and certain other debts.” So she probably just owes money to something, and isn’t eligible for a tax refund.

As fate would have it Crusty Christmas has a whole bunch of Google trophies and small claims defeats in Chelsea District Court, (which she always seems to default on) including a receiving stolen property charge.

As you can see she usually just doesn’t end up paying and lets the people she owes money to chase her around until they get bored with it and give up. Welcome to small claims court in Massachusetts.


As luck would have it, she ended up getting fired for work for absolutely no reason, other than the fact that she filed a complaint that the guy who fired her had previously harassed her. Then something about not “forfilling” sick days, and now she’s having hallucinations while screaming bloody murder in front of her kids.

The bottom line is she needs you to give her money that you have to trust that this deadbeat who doesn’t pay her bills will use your generous donations to purchase Christmas gifts for her kids.

Oh, and she also has a husband named Dwayne Seldon.

Don’t be asking any questions about whether or not she’s mentally capable of raising children. And especially don’t ask why her able bodied husband can’t chip in for gifts.

He’s too busy getting charged with Class B drug possession and losing in small claims court too.

Just shut up and give them your money or else it’s your fault when her kids find out that Santa doesn’t love them.

According to the next sentagraph her sperm donor can’t chip in because he’s disabled, and only God can judge!

And when you thought she couldn’t get any more ratchet she began wishing other people’s kids didn’t get visits from Santa while mocking their weight in CAPS LOCK.

Despite having two kids and a disabled husband she says that she somehow doesn’t qualify for food stamps.

She really didn’t enjoy being called a scammer, so she busted out the termination notice.

Congrats, you got fired from you job and now you want other people to pay for your failures. Well done.

Crusty Christmas really didn’t enjoy the fact that people were asking questions and casting doubt on why someone who lives in Revere would e-beg on a Worcester Craigslist Facebook group. So she unleashed another boo-hoo pity party sentagraph, and claimed that she had a panic attack while writing it.

E-begging is very stressful.

The more she talked, the more her real colors came out.

“My son is even laughing at you.”

Oh good. So just have him read the Facebook comments on Christmas morning and he won’t cry when he realizes Mom is a failure who didn’t deliver again. Problem solved.


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