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Poor Behavior

Revere Woman Threatens To Disable Woman’s Reproductive Organs After Posting Racial Slurs About Babies


This is Gabrielle Metcalf from Revere.




As you can see she’s a mom who lists her offspring in her profile as her “everything,” and likely refers to him as her king.

She understandably gets set off when people speak ill of child, she just have an unconventional and ratchet way of doing that.

Yikes! That’s some choice language for a Harvard girl!

Most people would deactivate Facebook until the outrage mob found someone else to turn their ire on. Not Guzzlerina though. She double down over, and over, and over again.

“Ill stomp the eggs right out of ur cunt so you’ll never reproduce.”

I can see someone graduated from the Bret Killoran school of Internet. Is that you Mom?

You can say what you want about Sgt Sausage here, but don’t you dare say she’s from Chelsea.

People there are garbage, unlike her.

She swore she wasn’t racist, she just occasionally calls children “n word babies,” and isn’t afraid to do so in a public forum. And to prove how non-racist she is Gabrielle kept saying totally non-racist things.

It’s not racist because the guy she’s mad at is the “dictionary definition of a n word.” And I know when I see this face:

The first word that comes to mind is “dictionary.” I’m sure she reads it often.

Then suddenly in a plot twist a man came forward and accused her of dabbling in “melonated sausage.”

“If I wanted his melanin sausage I would’ve sat on it.”

That line is going in the ratchet Hall of Fame.

Guzzlerina is also an aspiring model/actress, as many of these creatures are.

Any day now she’s gonna get the call to play the role of “drunk white chick with Newport Lights voice at the local pub who Matt Damon used to f*** with before he left Revere and tries to avoid when he goes home to visit Ma.”

She’s got some Google trophies too.

Which might explain why she doesn’t like the popo.

So she’s not blue lives matter or black lives matter. She’s ratchet lives matter.


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