Rhode Island 6th Grade Teacher Calls Kids Stupid For Taking Masks Off During Lockdown Drill Due To Student Having Gun


This is Colleen Shaw, a 6th grade math teacher at Ponaganset Middle School in Glocester, RI.

Yesterday there was a lockdown at the school because it was rumored that a student in the building had a gun. Unfortunately drills like this are all too common these days, and when they do happen they should be taken seriously. Your child is much more likely to be killed by a school shooter than they ever would be by COVID, although you have a better chance at winning the lottery than either of those happening. However, instead of urging kids to remain quiet and huddled because another student might have a gun, Colleen Shaw’s primary fear was kids taking off their masks. Listen to how she talks to them in these videos:

“Over 800K people so far, and you people don’t have the good common sense to stay away from each other, that we ask you 50 times a day? How stupid can you be that 50 times a day the adults are saying put your mask up and stay 3 feet apart?”

Ummm…you’re in lockdown because there’s allegedly a kid with a gun in the school. Maybe you should shut up and get the kids to huddle together in the corner in case he’s roaming the hallways looking for a classroom to enter. Ya know, like you’re supposed to do during a lockdown.

Ironically she’s calling the kids stupid while pretending that a cloth mask can stop the spread of a COVID variant that clearly the vaccine does not work against. If it did then we wouldn’t have record high cases, including amongst vaccinated people.

How stupid do YOU have to be to think that staying 3 feet apart is going to stop kids from getting COVID? How stupid do YOU have to be to say that the vaccine works while also worrying about other people not being masked? How stupid do YOU have to be to blame the deaths of 800,000 people on middle school students instead of Dr. Fauci, who funded the research that created the virus in the first place? Plus, I was reliably told that Joe Biden was going to crush the virus when he got elected. It’s been a year now, why are we in a worse position than we were a year ago? Oh right, middle school kids in Rhode Island not wearing masks during lockdown drills. Science.

In the next video she blames the children for not pressuring their peers to wear their masks more, and equates the decision of a student to bring a gun to school to the decision to remove a mask.


“This is because your peers are making stupid decisions, just like the decision you all made to stand next to each other, take a picture, have your masks off. You’re all making bad decisions, and that’s why we get stuck in stupid boring assemblies to hear about stupid behavior you should know not to do. This is a year of stupid behavior by…..so why don’t you start pressuring your peers to stop doing….”

Bringing a gun to school is “just like the decision you all made.” She honestly believes that. Everyone in her cult does. They view the unvaccinated and unmasked as killers. They shut the schools down for a year because they thought they were going to die if they made contact with your kids. They think a paper mask will magically save them. And she has the nerve to call the children stupid.

Newsflash 6th grade kids – taking a picture with your friends while not wearing masks is never a stupid or bad decision. It’s a perfectly normal thing for kids your age to do. Enjoy your youth, and stop listening to these boomers who never had to wear masks as children, and never were asked to make the kind of sacrifices you’ve been forced to for the alleged safety of older people like her. She’s sick because her brain is broken, and she cannot be fixed. A quick look at her Twitter timeline shows that she is suffering from something called Trump Derangement Syndrome (still), as she obsessively retweets biased left wing talking points and doesn’t even attempt to understand people who aren’t living in fear like her.

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You kids probably don’t know who Bill Kristol is. Just know that he was one of the biggest proponents of the War in Iraq, which cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and much more destruction than COVID ever could, because he knew that other people’s kids would be fighting the war and not his.

COVID isn’t political, but the reaction is. Your teacher doesn’t know or understand anything about science, as much as she pretends to be devoted to it. She is a member of a team called the Democratic Party, and she is doing as she is told. All of those other people she’s retweeting are powerful and wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, and they got that way by conning people like your teacher into believing they give a shit about the working class. They’re very good at playing off of gullible people’s fears, and they convinced her that Donald Trump caused the pandemic and that they had the solution to fix it. Now that they’re in power we can see that they had no plan, so they’re looking for scapegoats so people like your teacher will have someone to blame. That’s why she’s yelling at you for not wearing masks in school. Continue to take them off whenever you want because she is a bad person and you don’t have to listen to her anymore. And if your teacher asks why you’re not wearing a mask tell them that Turtleboy said it was OK.


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