Rhode Island Man Responds To Backlash After Live Streaming Murder-Suicide In Warren 


A Warren, RI firefighter was shot and killed yesterday at the Italo-American Club by the President of the club, who killed himself minutes afterwards.

Two men, including a beloved 40-year member of the Warren Fire Department, are dead after a shooting  in Warren Thursday afternoon. At 2:56 p.m. authorities received calls for shots fired at the Italian-American Club on Kelly Street. When Warren Police Officers arrived they located one victim, identified as Jason Furtado, with a gunshot wound near his hip outside the club. Furtado then told police there was another victim inside.

Inside the club officers identified a man dead from one apparent gunshot wound, later identified as 66-year-old Warren’s Assistant Fire Chief Brian Remy. Another responding officer on Water St. heard more gunshots, and then spotted a suspect who matched the description. Officials say that officer got out of his car and was immediately shot at. The officer took cover and shot back. The suspect was later identified as Michael Ouellette, 41-years-old of Warren. Officials say Ouellette was the president of the Italian-American Club. Officials say Ouellette then ran into an alley, and soon was pronounced dead at the scene. It is not clear at this point how the suspect died. Assistant Chief Brian Remy served as a volunteer at the department for 40 years. He was a lifelong resident of Warren and owned a business in the town.

So this whole thing was caught on tape by this man:

On Facebook he goes by Boosie SauceGod Whiting, and he was taking his dog for a walk while live-streaming yesterday when he came across Jason Furtado, who was suffering from a gunshot wound to the buttocks area in the parking lot. Instead of turning off the livestream he began filming with his live commentary.

I can see this dude went to the Ollie Williams School of Broadcasting.

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“He’s shot, home boy shot right here. Oh shit! Dis shit’s wild over here, this n***as out here shot, he said n***as is dead in there, shit. Dis is crazy! Whoa!”

Thank God Ghetto Walter Cronkite was there to make sure one of the victims was OK.

“Yo, my man they were shooting in there? Where you get shot at? In your hip? You aight muh boi? Damn, my n***a got sh….zheesh! You gonna be aight my boi, you gonna be aight.”

Don’t worry son, the doctor has spoken. Official diagnosis – you gonna be aight muh boi. Just put some tussin out and you’ll be good.

Would’ve loved to hear Boosie SauseGod’s coverage of the Vietnam War.

“Damn yo, these Vietcong n***as is hiding everywhere son! Dem muh f***ers is getting napalmed and shit and they just don’t care my n****a! Yo my man Forrest Gump, did you get shot in the buttocks? You he gon’ be aight. Not Bubba though. He dead.”

Shortly after that the gunman Michael Ouellette got into a shootout with police before killing himself. Guess who got that on camera too?

Official Boosie SauceGod diagnosis – not gonna be aight.

A lot of people were up in arms about the fact that he filmed it instead of helping out the guy who got shot.

What more did you people want? He told him he was going to be aight. Does this look like the kind of guy you want medical treatment from anyway?

That guy’s degree is in conquering plus sized tattooed white women, not treating shooting victims. Plus, he was keeping an eye on the guy.

And kept a lookout for more shooters.

And did you see anyone else get shot during that video? Nope. He’s already saved more lives than mask mandates.

I mean, really? We’re holding a guy covered in face tattoos named Boosie GodSauce to a higher standard now?

Give me a break. I’m with Boosie here – it was clear the man would be aight. At that point it would be criminal for him not to tape so the rest of us could watch this scene unfold.

Boosie got some fan mail from friends of the guy in the parking lot that he wasn’t thrilled about.

So he did an impromptu Facebook Live broadcast to respond to the criticism.

“These are the same people who won’t be 6 foot near people, you’re scared of corona, and I’m supposed to f***ing drop my shit and go touch this man? How the f*** I’m gonna help him? I’m not no nurse my n***a!”

I mean, he’s not wrong. The guy who got shot in the hip didn’t even have his vaccine passport on him and wasn’t wearing a mask. It would be irresponsible to get within 6 feet of him. We’re in a pandemic people! Someone could’ve gotten hurt.



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