Rhode Island Wellness And Counseling Facility Hires Kylie Kirkpatrick Despite Facing 11 Felony Charges, 21 Counts Of Fraud, Not Having Appropriate Licensure 


It’s been three years since our investigative reporting on Napa, California mother Kylie Kirkpatrick led to her arrest and 11 felony charges for fraud in relation to a school lunch scam in which she used her 9 year old son as a prop to enrich herself. If you haven’t read our 7 part investigation you can catch up here, but in a nutshell this woman lied about her 9 year old son using his allowance to pay off school lunch debts of his starving classmates who were being denied food at school. Except the school was never withholding lunch from anyone, and the kid ended up being used by various politicians like Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders for campaign photo ops, and to push legislation banning “lunch shaming.” They made a whole lot of money off it, got free gear from a bunch of companies, and even got free tickets to the Super Bowl. But thanks to her lies the elementary school received threats and was villainized for being uncaring to the non-existent poor children of Napa.

Kylie finally has a trial date set for June 5 that I would like to attend if it doesn’t get moved again. I worked with a detective in the Napa Police Department to help bring this woman to justice, and she tried to silence my reporting by filing reports against me with the Holden Police Department (that went nowhere). Her arrogance offends me, and her attempt to discredit my reporting on her gets me excited about the prospect of her going back to jail.

In the meantime Kylie is living in Warren, Rhode Island with her son, trying to pull the same grift with Providence College basketball and the Governor of Rhode Island.

Except he’s no longer a cute 9 year old, and PC Friars basketball is too small time to grift off of.

Nevertheless, this woman is completely unrepentant and determined to go down with the ship. But that’s not her only scam. Kylie appears to be working as a counselor at something called Rhode Island Oak Wellness and Counseling, according to her bio on their website.




“I specialized in substance use.”

I mean, she’s not wrong. Just a reminder that this woman conceived the son who she uses as a prop in a janitor’s closet with a counselor in a rehab facility. Her son had no relationship with the man who helped create him, but when he died she coached him to pretend that he had suffered some sort of unspeakable tragedy by claiming his father had ALS and using that to get on the field at an Oakland Athletics game.

Kylie also is attempting to avoid going to California for trial next month by crying poverty. Yet on Twitter she’s complaining about how her airline left her stranded on a recent trip.


It’s amazing how this woman is so open and brazen, knowing full well what will come up when you Google her name. Her plan is to pull the same grift until she goes to jail, and if people Google her name she’ll just say that Turtleboy is fake news by citing something called “Masshole Report.” Here she is carrying on like some sort of hard working single Mom who’s the victim of theft and rising rent prices.

Meanwhile, she’s being charged with stealing from more people than I can count, and her son is a notorious punk who terrorizes other people’s children.

She still hasn’t shown the court that she actually has cancer, despite setting up a website to raise money for her alleged fight against it. Kylievscancer.com is no longer an active website. Pretty much everything this woman says is a lie.


See you soon Kylie!


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