Rian Waters Claims I Am Running A Sex Cult And Can’t Mention The Drugged Out Woman Who Fell Onto Him In Latest Court Filings After Criminal Complaint Denied In Boston


The dog killing, woman beating, unemployed man named Rian Waters who has been trying and failing to sue me and have me criminally charged for blogging about him over the last 5 years, lost again in court to me this week. Last Thursday he filed a criminal complaint against me in Boston for witness tampering that was heard by a magistrate. He alleged that I threatened a woman named Cristina Yakimowsky, who I’ve previously blogged about for her being charged with felony wiretapping. Rian claims that Crissy is a start witness in his lawsuit against me, and thus attacking her is a form of witness intimidation.


The problem is that he’s never spoken to her, she never agreed to be a witness in his case, and my issues with her are completely unrelated to Rian Waters. If Rian prevailed, and the magistrate agreed to press criminal charges against me, it would mean that he could name anyone I blogged about as a “witness” in his frivolous lawsuits, and I wouldn’t be allowed to write about them. He attempted to file an identical criminal complaint against me in Springfield twice, lost, and is now court shopping throughout the state in the hopes that someone will charge me.

The problem is you need to show probable cause in a probable cause hearing and Rian didn’t have any of that. We’ll be talking about the hearing more on Turtle Club tonight at 9:30, but it was hilarious and didn’t go well for Rian. At one point he even stormed out of the hearing. After that Rian filed another motion in his petition to be heard in front of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, and it’s pretty wild, even for Rian.

Motion to supplement the petition (1)


This was the best part:

To be clear, I do not identify as a sex cult leader. A cult leader? Perhaps. But there is no sex required in this cult. I have jokingly embraced that term, after it was used by a ratchet who called me that after we exposed her for losing her 2 youngest children to the state for years of and neglect and possible sexual abuse.

I have also never threatened to rape any children, nor did anyone brag about molesting Rian’s special needs daughter, who he has not seen in years, completely abandoned, and has not paid a dime in child support for. These are all things Rian makes up in an attempt to have me criminally charged.

Rian’s “adjustment disorder,” much like his inability to eat mandarin oranges, is completely made up. He uses it in a vain attempt to show damages and have an excuse for not attempting to get a job in the last 6 years.

Rian also brought up the drugged out woman who fell onto him during a live stream in his latest filings.

We still don’t know who that poor woman was or why she fell on top of him at midnight while clearly under the influence of something. Rian claimed that it was an unnamed minor girl trying to give him a hug in the middle of the night. He is making this up in an attempt to keep us from discussing it at all because he claims she is a minor. But clearly that was an adult woman. In his filing Rian said that I should not be allowed to bring that incident up at all because it triggers his imaginary adjustment disorder. He claims that me bringing it up at the hearing made it impossible for him to be heard.

He says he’s not going to bother fighting this ruling because I have all the judges and clerks in my pocket and he can’t afford to deal with any more corruption.

However, he said he is planning on suing the plethora of judges who have ruled in my favor.

Rian is also claiming that a mentally unstable and perpetually unemployed Medfield woman named Shannon O’Loughlin Labarre, who has been assisting rapists and other criminals like Rian despite being the sister and daughter of Boston Police Officers, is a witness in his case. Rian unfortunately has been taking legal advice from her, and it hasn’t gone very well for him.


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