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Rian Waters Filed A Motion Demanding I Go To Jail On $100K Bond So I Will Stop Intimidating Witnesses In His Failing 4 Year Old Libel Lawsuit


Rian Waters lawsuit against me has now been going on for 4 years. Even since he was blogged about in late 2016 for being arrested for beating up the mother of the special needs child he abandoned and murdering her puppy, Rian has obsessively been trying to take me down because he can’t eat mandarin oranges anymore. He has tried and failed to obtain multiple harassment orders and criminal complaints against me. He sued me in Springfield Superior Court, lost, appealed, and lost again. He sued me in federal court along with my codefendants Maura Healey, Facebook, Google, the Mass State Police, Palmer Police Department, and several others, and lost again. He appealed his Superior Court defeat again to the SJC, and because I didn’t bother opposing it he had 1 of the 4 counts that were dismissed overturned.

At this point Rian is only suing me for a statement made in my book that a former blogger interviewed the mother of his children, who told her that Rian shipped himself drugs in the mail. It’s really no big deal, and I’ll get this thrown out too because the First Amendment allows us to report what sources tell us, especially when it’s true.

Three months ago I was officially allowed to represent myself in court as I no longer need an attorney, and since then Rian has been sending me packages with hundreds of pages of documents in the mail on a semi-weekly basis. He recently filed a misguided motion for sanctions and/or default, and I requested the hearing scheduled for today be postponed or allowed on Zoom since I had my kid’s preschool graduation later this afternoon. It was moved to August 30, and Rian didn’t react well to yet another loss.

Tonight on the Live Show at 9 PM we will be reading his latest 47 page “emergency motion” in which he demands I go to jail and be held on $100K bond until trial because I am such a threat to his “witnesses,” and says that he plans to regain custody of the now 8 year old girl he abandoned.


These “witnesses” include the woman he beat up, who he alleges is only making these accusations against Rian because she fears me. They also include a former blogger and several members of “Team Storm.” Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in at 9 to see the whole thing. I’ll give you a preview of some of the fun stuff below.



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