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Rian Waters Files Criminal Complaint Against Me For Witness Intimidation, Causing “Adjustment Disorder” Which Made Him Quit His Job


And the winner or Ratchet Madness 2019 is….

Second seeded Rian Waters, who cruised to the crown. Sorry Franklin, but you just weren’t quite ratchet enough.


Speaking of Rian, he filed a criminal complaint against me for harassment and witness intimidation this week. Here’s the PDF of the entire complaint for your enjoyment:


The affidavit is amazing.

According to him it’s my fault that he couldn’t show up to work on the first day of his new job because my comments on the Turtleboy Live show, which he chose to listen to, gave him “adjustment disorder,” and someone has “identified” me as one of his stressors. I am now being cited by what I assume to be doctors as the cause of a mental illness.

He’s not happy about the Gaffney photoshops.

I can’t even take credit for those though. That was the work of our physically attractive fans and followers.

He also says that reporting on his arrest for punching Samantha Cardin and killing their dog is “harassment.” Even though he was arrested and charged for those crimes, but got away with it because Samantha was too scared to testify against him.

And my personal favorite is how I’m now responsible when I tell people NOT to contact people like Rian Waters. Not sure what else I’m supposed to say there. Guess I can’t do anything right.

For the first time the words “Uncle Turtleboy” have been mentioned in an official court document, and he says that I have psychiatric issues.

Exhibit A was VERY interesting:

OK then.

He says that comments in my book are witness intimidation, as was the fact that I looked at him in court in January.

As you can see he also says that I falsely accused him of committing crimes, such as punching Sam Cardin in the face, killing the dog, and smuggling drugs across an international border. Except that literally happened, and he got caught after running through the woods.

He says that the blogs that Bristol and I have written about him were “punishment” and amount to witness intimidation, and that he wasn’t able to effectively argue his case at previous hearings because of witness intimidation on my part.

I thought he was bad at it because he’s not a lawyer. Turns out it’s my fault I guess.

He’s mad at Bristol for not using his comments in her blogs about him.

Even though he evaded all of her questions.

And some other stuff…..

This is my life folks. This is what happens when you write blogs about people like Rian Waters being arrested for domestic violence. We greatly appreciate your support so we can continue to exercise our constitutional rights in court.


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