Rian Waters Files Federal Lawsuit Against Turtleboy, Maura Healey, Facebook, Google, Kate Peter, Springfield Police Department, State Trooper, Veterinarian, And Many More


Breaking News: 2019 Ratchet Madness Champion Rian Waters filed another lawsuit in federal court against me. Except there’s a new twist this time – he’s added several co-defendants.

Facebook, Google, a Palmer cop, a State Trooper, the entire Springfield Police Department, Bristol Blarney, a veterinarian, Maura Healey, and many more. I’ve read the entire 29 page complaint and it’s one of the funniest things you’ll ever see. Instead of blogging about it I’ll be showing you the whole thing on the Live show tonight. So make sure you’ve subscribed to the YouTube channel by clicking hereIt’s gonna be a good one. In the meantime, here’s Tuesday’s show if you missed it.







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