Rockland Essential Worker Leads Crusade To Close Abington Dairy Queen Due To Traffic On Her Way To Train Station, Wishes Diabetes Upon Customers


Hannah Fabian is a mother and an essential worker from Rockland.

For that last six months she has anointed herself Queen of the Karens with her never ending posts casting judgment on people who commit crimes like walking in public because it makes her terrified and cry.

Uh muh God!!! They’re running next to each other!!

What if they breathe the same air? She’s putting you guys on Facebook!

So what does she do that’s so essential? She runs a cash register at a pharmacy.

God knows her labor is so irreplaceable that we have to keep her healthy. The fate of the world depends upon it.

Yesterday she was the talk of the town after her Facebook post in the Rockland Hub about  the Abington Dairy Queen got over 1,000 comments.

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Yea, let’s take away ice cream from people. That should go over well.

She’s very worried that people are breathing the same air as other people, because apparently when you breathe the molecules that come out of your mouth linger in that spot for hours. That’s how science works, right?

We are all gonna die because of Dairy Queen!! Why do you have to be so delicious??

According to her logic, wouldn’t a Dutch oven be domestic abuse?

Thank you for clearing that up.

Turns out she actually works at a pharmacy in the Cambridge area and was on the way to the train station when she was temporarily inconvenienced by free people in a free country purchasing ice cream on a nice day.

So let me get this straight Hannah. You choose to ride in a train that thousands of other strangers take every day, sitting in an enclosed environment, to get to a job that you could easily get closer to home. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe they have pharmacies in the south short. And you believe that people sitting in their cars at the Dairy Queen drive through are the problem?

Yea, that makes sense. Please, tell me more about how essential and wealthy you are.

Bragging about being “essential” and collecting a salary while millions of people lost their jobs and businesses definitely makes you sound like the good person here Hannah.

She’s another one of these people who tells you that it’s all going to end soon.

Just another two weeks, right? As long as we all “work together.”

Oh right, that’s never gonna happen. If your plan is to tell millions of people to sit in their homes for months at a time when the weather starts getting nice, then you don’t have a real plan because people aren’t going to do that. Look at any walking path or trailhead on Saturday – packed with cars. People will not be caged, nor should they since there is virtually no chance at all of catching the disease by going for a hike, golfing, or walking on the beach.

She subscribes to the “muh hospitals” hysteria.

This is what the lockdown patrol has been telling us since day one – we have sit at home and watched nurse Tik Tok videos or else hospitals will become overcrowded.

Couldn’t she just take a different route to the train station?

She shouldn’t have to inconvenience herself at all. Didn’t you hear? She’s essential.

She also thinks that grocery stores will soon be shut down.

Which actually makes a lot more sense then shutting down a drive through Dairy Queen. If the government really thought this was as dangerous as they’re trying to make us believe then no stores would be open. There would be a massive system of rationing in which the National Guard brought food to our homes. Instead they let us all gather in huge numbers in the same isolated areas, touch the same things, and breathe the same air.

She hopes that all the lardos trying to kill her get diabetes.

Plus, her boyfriend agrees with her.

And I definitely trust the judgment of a guy who thought it would be a good idea to settle down with this woman.

Speaking of diabetes…

She’s also got a great sense of humor.


And did I mention that the community rallied around her last year by raising over $3K when her apartment burned down?


Now she’s wishing diabetes upon people who have lost their jobs and businesses because she doesn’t want to take a detour on the way to the train station.

My faith in humanity was restored when I saw that 95% of the comments were crapping on her, and this was probably my favorite.

Straight and to the point.

The bottom line is that I want Karens like her to keep posting stuff like this. The more they do it, the more public sentiment turns against the lockdown.


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