Rockland Health Agent Who Closed Hockey Rinks And Schools, Blamed Kids For Not Wearing Masks, Attends Maskless Super Spreader Dinner, Crosses State Lines


This is Rockland Board of Health Agent Delshaune Flipp.

She got the job in Rockland after blowing the whistle on the woman who previously held the position for forging reports at restaurants, leading to charges being filed.

She also sued the town in 2008 when she was a clerical employee because she didn’t get a job she wanted and claimed she was the victim of racial discrimination due to the fact that she is black. This person is the victim of anti-black discrimination.

Makes sense.

In October Delshaune ordered the hockey rink in town to be shutdown after blaming youth hockey players, without evidence, of being the cause of new COVID cases.

While the rise in cases along the South Shore is likely not due to the hockey outbreaks, Rockland health officials say it’s a factor and now dozens of hockey leagues and thousands of players are growing concerned.

“I think what happens is that a lot of people are being relaxed and not taking it as seriously as they did back in March,” said Delshaune Flipp, Rockland’s health agent. “Boston Terriers had a practice, they watched film without masks.” 

Flipp says since that mask-less film session a few weeks ago, a coach and a couple of players tested positive, but she doesn’t know how many total cases came from that.

“It was very hard with contact tracing because we didn’t get the rosters until you know mid-week last week,” said Flipp. “So it was a lot of scrambling to be able to get all the communities that were infected. I would say there was seven plus communities that were affected by this.”

She also blamed people going to large gatherings and not wearing masks to justify hurting children by taking something away that they love to avoid the spread of a virus that is no threat to them.

Rockland Health Agent Delshaune Flipp said while the rinks and hockey clubs may be playing by the rules, it may not stop the virus completely.

“I think that there’s other factors involved, people doing large gatherings, people not wearing masks, and that’s the most important part of it,” Flipp said.

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Restaurants in Rockland cannot put tables at bars like other towns allow due to her orders, and she also advised the schools to shut down and go fully remote in late October.

But yet weeks after she blamed children playing hockey for spreading COVID and helped shut down the public schools she was tagged at a super-spreader dinner with her fellow white friends without masks on, and with no social distancing.

That’s her in the middle, representing the black community at this essential get together.

In June Delshaune also crossed state lines to hang out with her non-family friends without masks on in Tiverton, RI.

She never did the mandatory quarantine you are required to complete after doing this.

When will people wake up and face the reality that these people hate your children? Adults like this have never been afraid of the virus, they’re unwilling to do the things they demand of you, and they force your children to suffer while they’re out partying with friends. Every single one of them is a fraud and a hypocrite and we will expose them all.


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