Roslindale Charter School Teacher Alerts Authorities About KFC And Barber Shop Employees Not Wearing Masks Before Christmas


This is Paul Friedman, a 7th grade math teacher at Brooke Charter School in Roslindale.

In his Twitter bio he pathetically uses a note from a student who was forced to fill out a form in his class, praising him for being the “best math teacher that there possibly is.”

Keep in mind, this student receives a grade from Paul Friedman.

Two days before Christmas Paul went into a KFC in West Roxbury and decided it would be a good time to snitch on minimum wage workers trying to make ends meet around the holidays.

Notice he tagged Mayor Michelle Wu, along with City Councillor Arroyo, and the liberal rag known as Universal Hub, presumably so they too would join in on harassing small businesses that were already struggling with crippling regulations from their city government.

He ended up deleting the tweet out of shame and embarrassment, but not before replying to it a few times and defending his actions. First he wanted more fines for small business owners, which he can’t relate to because he’s spent his entire career sucking off the government’s Gerber servers.

He thinks it’s OK to behave like this because he’s not exhausted from working 180 days a year with a mask on.

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“I don’t think it’s too much to ask others to go along with this ridiculous, unscientific, ineffective mask theater, because if I have to do it then so should they.”

As he pointed out, the masks for him at this point will be on his face “semi-permanently,” but only N95 masks, not cloth masks.

Because even eggheads like this know that cloth masks don’t work.

Many of the people he called the authorities on are people of color, and the woke patrol took notice.

He’s just trying to keep the community safe by costing people their jobs. He’s the good guy here.

Paul and Allison Friedman are your typical charter school teachers. If you thought the public schools were communist brainwashing factories, just understand that charter schools are for people who think the public schools aren’t brainwashing your kids enough because they have too much oversight from the public. Brooke Charter Schools, which have campuses in East Boston, Mattapan, and Roslindale was established in 2002.

President Bush, like other dumb “conservatives” wanted to stick it to teacher’s unions, and believed that charter schools were the solution to that, since the workforce wouldn’t be unionized and teachers would be easier to fire. But in reality charters are handed out by the communists in control of cities like Boston, so they always turn out to be worse than public schools. It’s why there are updated PRIDE flags hanging in the classrooms.


Children are used for vaccine propaganda.

The school publishes blatantly untrue statements about how Thanksgiving shouldn’t be celebrated because it commemorates that time the Pilgrims massacred the Wampanoags.

This is completely made up, and is nothing more than typical anti-American propaganda peddled by communists who hate this country and want to take it down from the inside. It’s why they’re constantly trying to divide people based on the color of their skin, and their new teachers introduce themselves by specifically and exclusively telling brown and black girls that they’re beautiful.


Just imagine if a white teacher introduced themselves to faculty and students with “hey white girl, you’re beautiful.” You can’t, because we live in a racist society where white people are constantly made to feel bad about themselves by those in power.

Anyway, Paul Friedman really just wants to teach from home while being fed by minimum wage workers he’s trying to attack, because at the end of the day he’s just lazy. It’s why people like him are constantly pushing COVID fear porn.

We should laugh at, mock, and ridicule them whenever possible. For too long they’ve gotten away with being bullies who aren’t at all shamed of behaving like this on public platforms. Don’t fight back against the bullies by arguing with them, fight back by using their tactics against them. It’s the only way to defeat a communist.


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