Roslindale Comedy Club Owner Who Once Kicked Out Comedians For Telling Offensive Jokes Makes Up Obviously Fake Hate Crime Story That Michelle Wu Retweets


Over the weekend Boston Mayor Michelle Wu tweeted out a link to a Universal Hub story about an Asian woman named Courtney Pong who owns a small comedy club in Roslindale, and claims to have been the victim of racism.

This isn’t the fakest fake hate crime of all time, but I feel quite confident that it’s definitely fake.

Courtney Pong, owner of the Rozzie Square Theater on Basile Street, reports what happened today during auditions for the ComedySportz Boston troupe she runs there:

During the middle of the audition, I was standing at the back of the room just observing, when I noticed a woman staring through the window who looked angrily at me when we made eye contact. She started to walk toward the entrance of the theater and I went into the hallway to stop her to see what was up, and she began yelling at me:

“What is this, improv? Shut it down. Are you Michelle Wu? You’re with the Wu train? You’re Asian? Get out of my face. You know what you are. You’re a geisha, or whatever you are. Get out of here. Leave. You know what you are” and she just kept yelling at my face. I tried to ask what she was talking about but she just kept cutting me off and mocking me.

It was disorienting and it altered my state of mind so heavily I lost track of where I was for a split second and my hands went numb. Which is scary.

One team member happened to notice that I went into the hallway and then after realizing what happened, helped lock the doors and keep an eye out and calm me down a bit.

And then go back to doing the job at hand.

There is nothing else to say after this. Recording it because I only share probably every other experience of racist acts I experience in Boston, but I feel isolated and defeated when I keep them to myself.

So let me get this straight. Some random woman was standing outside her business looking through the windows “angrily” at Courtney Pong.

The woman then walked into the theater and began shouting racist things about Asian people for no particular reason, including asking if she was Michelle Wu, presumably because white people think all Asian people look alike. Courtney Pong was “disoriented and in an altered state of mind” so she lost track of where she was and became numb. She doesn’t have any video of this, didn’t call the police, and somehow the Universal Hub magically found out about the incident, even though she didn’t post about it on social media.

Translation – she’s looking to paint herself as a victim so she called up this guy:

Adam Gaffin runs the Universal Hub and really doesn’t care if any of this happened. Things like evidence and documentation don’t really matter to him, because his blog is just looking for clicks. If an Asian woman calls him up and says something racist happened to her then he’s gonna publish it as fact. That’s how news works these days.

As it so happens we wrote about Courtney Pong in 2019 when she sought out the Universal Hub’s attention again by bragging about how she kicked comedians out of her club and ended a show early because she was offended by the jokes.

One of the comedians made a joke about how the audience of 17 was segregated, and another joked about how he got fired from Uber for putting women in the trunk. Traditionally this would be considered comedy because it’s edgy and makes light hearted observations about the audience that are grounded in truth.

But communists like Courtney Pong have no sense of humor, constantly walk around looking for things to be offended by, and think it’s their duty to destroy comedy because they’ve already destroyed so many other great aspects of our culture. She didn’t care if the 17 people watching the act thought it was funny because she believes it’s her duty to decide what people can and cannot laugh at.

But the thing about people like Courtney Pong is that they don’t mind racist, edgy comedy, as long as it’s being directed at heterosexual white males, and in some cases white women.

It just so happens that Courtney Pong constantly views herself as a helpless victim because she’s Asian, even though no racial group has done better for themselves in this country than the Asian community.

She also believes the protesters outside of Michelle Wu’s house are doing what they’re doing because Wu is also Asian, and not because they have a problem with forced vaccination of otherwise healthy first responders who put their lives on the line every day to protect ungrateful slags like Courtney Pong.

What are the odds that the vapid SJW who’s constantly looking to victimize herself would be the victim of an anti-Asian hate crime?

As for Michelle Wu, she’s also been in the news for taxing North End restaurants $7,500 to have outdoor dining. It’s not enough for her to harm these businesses by shutting them down, putting restrictions on them, and then forcing them to enforce vaccine mandates for customers. She had to extort $7,500 from them too. But the Pauly D mafia isn’t having it and they’ve been fighting back vocally. Yesterday Wu held a press conference about the situation in the smallest room in City Hall so that none of the business owners could attend. They made their presence known outside, which according to Wu was “harassment.”


The Mayor of Boston, home of the American Revolution, believes that citizens protesting the government is not “acceptable” behavior. If only King George thought of that.

According to her there is “no right to shut down a press conference.” Funny though, because she didn’t mind shutting down a bridge for climate change, or protesting outside of Governor Baker’s house.

Nor did she mind supporting a violent racist felon as she organized a riot in the streets of Boston.

When she gets on Twitter she goes full hardo.

But yet when she gets into her car with police protection she’s visibly shaken, and she knows she would NEVER say anything like this to their faces. Then she gets in her gas guzzling SUV and logs onto the safety of Twitter with her blue checkmark and goes full mean girl on them.

Michelle Wu is the most divisive elected official I’ve ever seen on social media. Instead of listening to the legitimate grievances of business owners she’s dismissing their concerns because they’re “teaming up with anti-vax protesters.”

These people are not “anti-vax,” they’re anti-COVID vaccine mandates. Communists like Michelle Wu view the protesters as subhuman scum, unworthy of being treated in a dignified manner. She doesn’t have to take them seriously, and she can ignore the business owners because they’ve now associated with them. This is the liberal playbook – ignore the legitimate concerns of the people protesting you by associating them with racism and radicalism. This is what Trudeau did to shut down the truck convoy in Ottawa – found one person with a Nazi flag (a plant, most likely), and then dismissed the concerns of tens of thousands of peaceful protesters.

Michelle Wu even straight up said that she doesn’t work for the business owners.

Except she does, because they pay taxes and licensing fees that fund her salary, and a lot of them do live in
Boston. It’s just easier to raise taxes on them than it is to raise taxes on the idiots who elected her.


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