Roxbury Mother Starts GoFundMe After Displacing Multiple Families By Starting Fire Despite Receiving Free Lodging For Being On Welfare


This is Taylor Glavin from Boston.

As you can see, she is an aspiring Instagram model.

Taylor lives in a housing project in Roxbury that caught on fire last week.

Shortly afterwards she made a $10K GoFundMe for “first last and security,” despite the fact that Boston housing put her in a Holiday Inn until she gets a brand new apartment at no cost to her.


To get people to donate she went to the house the next day to film the ashes using her Newport narrator voice, which included her dead cat which she left behind.

“Just when you think you got everything right….”

You live in a housing project in Roxbury. I assure you nothing about your life is right.

The building was a multi-family home, but Taylor is really upset that other people besides herself are getting attention and sympathy. Except there’s a twist – by her own admission she’s the one who started the fire.

Other families are milking it, but she’s the one with the GFM who started the fire in the first place. Makes sense.

According to others it was actually her mother who started the fire and they abandoned a pregnant woman behind to fend for herself.

As you can see, they are alleging Taylor has a bad crack habit that you’d be contributing to if you donate to the GoFundMe. I for one find that hard to believe, as she appears to be a learned scholar who would never give Diego the friendly neighborhood crack dealer a handy for a crack rock.

If the “my story isn’t done yet” Facebook filter had a face. As you can the bags under her eyes have grown their own bags, but unfortunately double bagging it in the bedroom is something she passed on.

This is her Mom Darlene who allegedly started the fire.

You know you’re a ratchet when you list your employment as the welfare office, the only thing you have to say about yourself in your bio is how you simply will not shut up under any circumstances, and your profile picture contains a hashtag about recovery as you drink Captain Morgan’s straight out of the bottle.

If “I grew up in Southie but got out once all the yuppies who think they’re better than us moved in” had a face.

Shockingly there was no mention of the daughter’s father Dennis “DJ” Deluca in the fire, even though he claims his daughter is his number 100 emoji, followed closely by “gettin to this bag,” which I’m sure is totally not a reference to selling crack.

Unfortunately they have an up and down relationship since he got caught dipping his bologna baton in other women and got called out for it by Taylor.

Even though she stayed loyal to him while he was in jail and knocked up a rival.

It’s OK though, because even though he’s often incarcerated, doesn’t care for his child, and was not there to save his daughter when his baby momma in law (is that a thing?) lit their apartment on fire, he did get her name tattooed on the back of his neck.

So their relationship has an unbreakable foundation. A Roxbury love story to remember.

The rest of the family is even more cultured. Meet the sister Morgan.

Just in case you forgot where to insert, she comes with her own tutorial.

Of course she’s wearing slippers while taking a stroll through a public area. Because, of course she is.

You may notice she has the word “Daquan” tattooed over her eyelid, which she live streamed herself getting done, presumably because that’s her manz for life.

Except the guy she’s Roxbury married to goes by Adonis.

And Adonis is clearly going places in life.

Living in a Holiday Inn shouldn’t be a big adjustment for the Roxbury Rumper Pumper though, since Taylor and her friends like to drag her daughter along with two other kids to motel rooms where they go on Facebook Live and pour Yager and chocolate syrup down their gullets while speaking in DCF voice.

If you have some time to kill and wanna watch one of the most ratchet live streams ever recorded. Sadly you can hear a child in the background asking for dinner while the woman she had the misfortune to come out of gets crunk with her land walrus of a friend who also has a baby with her in the room. Luckily they feed her a cookie for dinner at the 16:20 mark after bemoaning the fact that her food stamps ran out and she was unable to add to DJ’s commissary fund.

Then in the next video they invited a complete stranger in named Ashley from Reading to roll a blunt and smoke it with the kids in the room after meeting her at the Red Roof Inn.

Shockingly these crackheads burned their own apartment down. Weird, because they seem so responsible.

As amusing as these cretins are it’s scary that they’re allowed to have children who depend on them for survival and likely look up to them as models for how human beings should behave. They also hurt other families and a firefighter.

And now they’re scamming people with a GoFundMe even though the taxpayers will take care of them for the rest of their existence on this planet, and urging people not to have sympathy for the actual victims of this fire.


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