Rutland Honey Farms Manager Caught By Pedo Poachers Allegedly Trying To Lure 14 Year Old Boy To Fap In Store Bathroom 


Update: Chat logs are published here.

This is Clayton Hubbard from Rutland.


He appears to be some sort of family farmer and a general manager for Honey Farms, and is in a relationship with a lovely man named Aaron.


But according to the latest vigilante pedo poacher with a YouTube account, Aaron doesn’t know that he uses Grindr to lure 14 year old boys to Honey Farms so he can “catch them” wacking off in the bathroom and join in on the fun. He was confronted at work on a new channel called For The Kids. (starts around the 16 minute mark)

Pro tip for people who are trying to go into the pedo poaching industry – you have to show the chat logs. It really adds a lot. Not that we don’t believe you, but you should always bring receipts, and they shouldn’t be available upon request only. I commented asking for them and the person who runs the channel told me to contact him on IG, so I did. When he gets back to me I’ll update the blog with the chat logs.

I did message Clayton directly for comment, but he ended up blocking me on his wide open Facebook page instead of deactivating, because clearly he has no shame. Either way, Old Dick Donald didn’t exactly deny it.

“It could be me, but I’m not doing anything”

That’s not something you say when you’ve never sexted with a child on a dating app. The pedo poacher’s app also said that the person he was speaking to was 10 feet away from him, which was pretty hard to deny.

According to the pedo poacher he pretended to be a 14 year old who lied about being 18 to get on the app, told Old Dick Donald he was down to try whatever, and the next thing you know the underage farmer charmer was asking for dick pics. Clayton Hubbard allegedly was sent pictures of a decoy and commented on the bulge in his underpants.


Usually these guys try to lure the kids to their house, but this bold mother f***er invited the kid to RIDE HIS BIKE to his work after his aunt fell asleep so the kid could jerk off in the bathroom! That is BRISK!

And can we talk about how much danger he was willing to put a child in in order to fulfill his perverted fantasies? He thought he was speaking to a 14 year old boy who wanted to ride his bike up Route 56 from Paxton, which has hardly any lights, at 11 PM. If the kid was real it would’ve been insanely dangerous, but that didn’t matter because Old Dick Donald viewed him as a tool for sexual gratification only. If he dies, he dies.

My question is, what was he planning on telling his coworker when he walked in on the kid in the bathroom? This wasn’t in the training manual. The poor lady tried to walk away but Old Dick Donald followed her around in order to keep the focus off him.

Meanwhile, Clayton’s on Facebook lecturing other people about staying home to save lives.

Bruh, you encouraged a child to leave his home in the dark of the night and ride his bike to your workplace so you could jack him off in the bathroom. But yea, tell me more about how the kids playing basketball are hurting people, and how their parents don’t give them proper guidance. You literally just directed a child to disregard his parents because you wanted to get a nut off.

Oh, and people might not wanna let him host the easter egg hunt next year because he “loves watching” kids aimlessly walk around his yard bending over to pick up candy.

Hey Clayton, I’m not really interested in your lectures about public health. Now go get your monkeypox vaccine and stay off the Internet for a while.


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