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Salem High School Principal Says It’s Possible For Students To Identify As Autistic For Autism Awareness Month


This is Salem High School Principal Samantha Meier.

The other day for Autism Awareness Month (yes, they have a month now too), she attempted to go full woke on the school’s Facebook page but ended up going too far.

As soon as I saw “inclusive and antiracist community,” I already knew everything I needed to know about this woman. Anti-racism is a code word for “white people pushing new kinds of racism,” and inclusive means “everyone I agree with is included, except you, you Nazi bigot.”

But what really stood out was “those who identify as autistic.” A high school principal actually wrote those words and put them on the school’s Facebook page. As if being on the spectrum is something you can just identify as.

This is the can of worms they opened when they decided that you could declare your gender in defiance of basic biology. Then it became you could choose your racial identity, and now it’s “do you identify as special needs?”

Speaking of identifying as black, she’s also a big fan of Colin Kaepernick and Kamala Harris, and constantly virtue signals on social media.

So I can’t say I’m surprised in the least. Are there ANY administrators out there who are openly conservative and/or normal? I’m sure there might be few closeted ones here or there who would never openly admit it for fear of being cancelled, but how did such an important segment of our culture and society get hijacked by these lunatics?

Some would argue that you should pull your kids out of public schools because of people like this. Not me though. The public schools belong to me. I pay for them and I will voice my opinion about what they should and shouldn’t be doing. It’s why I’m running for Wachusett Regional School Committee too – because someone has to stand up against crazy.


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