Salem Woman Says She Is Victim Of Xenophobic, Racist Hate Crime That Police Won’t Pursue


This is Ana Campos from Salem.

As you can see, any reasonable person who looked at her would assume she’s a white woman. Yet last week she posted on Facebook that she was the victim of a Smollett style hate crime in which someone called her a “fucking foreigner” and threw a drink at her from a moving vehicle on Boston Street in Salem.

As you can see, she also blames the legal system because it protects freedom of speech. Stupid constitution!

Let’s start with the fact that no one would EVER assume that this woman was an immigrant if they were driving next to her in traffic.

She looks like every white chick at every farmer’s market ever. Sure, she happens to be of Brazilian heritage, but you would have no way of knowing that just by looking at her. The last time she likely had a coffee thrown on her it was someone spilling their $8 soy latte in the organic aisle of Whole Foods.

She seems to exclusively roll with wypipo.

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Because for all intents and purposes she is a white woman.

She also manages what is quite possibly the Becky-ist business ever – Ana Campos Art and Heeling. Check out their Facebook page

(come in the backdoor, no honey, just no)

As you can see, she’s your run of the mill hippie appropriating a culture that isn’t hers. This is ironically a big no-no in the circles she runs in.

She also does tarot card readings.

Seems legit.

And she wrote a book about Shamanism.

Chapter 3 is about cultural appropriation.

But yea, this woman was mistaken for an immigrant and became the victim of a xenophobic hate crime, and we all must take her at her word because she wrote about it on Facebook.

She also said that the cops ran the plates of the car she posted.

But she says the cops called it a “dead end” because the person driving wasn’t the person the car was registered to.

Because as we all know, the police are incapable of asking the registered owner of the car if they could please identify who was driving her car during this alleged xenophobic and racist hate crime.

One of her friends thought it smelt fishy, but Ana reassured her that the police said it was a “courtesy call” for them to call the registered owner in the first place.

Because that’s something the police say in real life. They admit to making “courtesy calls” for alleged criminal offenses.

But wait, it gets better. She claims that the responding police officer told her that “the law sometimes falls short, especially when it comes to minorities.”

She also claims that the cop told her that people who commit hate crimes like this are very familiar with the letter of the law, and know what lines can’t be crossed. In other words, they knew that they could get away with this crime so long as they missed hitting her with the coffee, and had a guy driving a car registered to a chick. That’s something police often tell victims of hate crimes.

Another friend figured out that it seemed kind of odd that anyone would mistake this white chick for being a foreigner. She had no answer for that one…..

Oh, and the cops tried to contact the owner of the car but they didn’t pick up the phone so they were like, “whatevs.”

Isn’t it a coincidence that these hate crimes always seem to happen to people who are wicked active in SJW politics?

Not only is she an active American SJW, she also votes in Brazilian elections as well.

Because that’s a thing you can apparently do – vote in the elections of more than one country.

October 28 just so happens to be the day that the Brazilian President, often called the “Trump of the Tropics” was elected. I bet he got her vote.

Anyway, Uncle Turtleboy says he called the Salem Police about this to confirm but I’m not sure what he’s found out. All I know is when I first alerted him to this totally real hate crime I could smell lies all over it. I’m willing to bet there will be a followup if and when he hears back from SPD about this VERY serious incident.

In the meantime, I would graciously appreciate if someone could run license plate 8GT 485 for me. Since Ana says the police can’t figure out who was driving that car then I’m sure we can help find out for her. After all, this was totally real, and she’s definitely not lying, so it’s important to find this bigot and have them brought to justice.


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