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Santander Bank Teller From Lawrence Nearly Gets Plane Grounded After Assaulting Flight Attendant With Pants Down


A Lawrence woman nearly had her flight grounded when she refused to sit down and assaulted a flight attendant, and the whole thing was caught on film.

Guess someone didn’t like the in-flight movie. This is what happens when they let you trade in your frequent flier miles for food stamps. In fairness, I almost reacted the same way when I found out there was a $35 bag fee. The craziest twist and turn of that video was when it was revealed about halfway through that she was in her underpants.

Who hasn’t dropped trough in the middle of a long distance flight in order to prove a point to the flight attendant?

If you don’t speak the Lawrence dialect of Espanol, she yelled several times that she was a man, called the flight attendants “c*** suckers,” told them to call the police, and then told the flight attendant not to talk to her because she’s a 34 year old woman. She then ends the video by yelling, “come and talk s*** to me, I’m a man, I’ll break your mother,” before yelling in English that the person she’s speaking to is a f***ing racist.

Switches genders, doesn’t speak English, and calls everyone she doesn’t like a racist. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have our next democratic nominee for President.

The woman in the video is Dahiana De La Cruz from Lawrence.

She is a teller at Santander Bank in Methuen.

And she should probably be arrested and put on the terror watch list considering she assaulted a flight attendant and could’ve forced the plane to be grounded. But I guess she’ll get a pass because she saved France from the terrorists one time.

So maybe she’ll get a mulligan this time around.


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      1. Lawrence is trash, has been for a long time. Guessing by the “pretty good so far” comment you’ve lived there for a week.

    1. She’s from Methuen idiot. Lawrence ppl tend to act less like the way she did. More like typical of Methuen ppl. What a shame and disgrace.

  1. That Lawrence dialect that you speak of gives people an advantage over a person that only knows one and a better pay for that matter

    1. Straight trash. Typical of this world these days. If she thinks shes a man is love to treat her like one and shut her mouth.

    2. I’m glad to hear that you were diverted!! I’m a Jetblue flight attendant and that kind of behavior is completely intolerable!

    3. Somebody should have stepped up and put her to sleep in a choke hold💪. Nobody realizes how fast that could have gone violent on her part.

  2. Ew you sound ignorant with your comments and opinions. Isn’t the job of a journalist to tell the TRUTH and FACTS? And NOT opinions? And btw I’m from Lawrence and I speak both languages English and Spanish and I, along with others are not like this.

  3. Turtle Boy is great at finding information and putting out local news, but, I’m really over the racist comments in the article. Why are you assuming that she’s on food stamps? And the comment about Spanish being the “dialect” of Lawrence. Seriously?

  4. Loved Turtleboy until this article. Whoever composed this article is clearly racist. Making an assumption that she’s on food stamps and saying that Spanish is the “dialect” of Lawrence. What a shame.

  5. Labeling people for their wrong behavior and turning this political is just absurd. This is where journalism lost its identity. Her behavior yes was dispicable, but your labeling and prejudice comments are even more disgraceful. Next time talk about what happened and not label.

  6. Why would you use a food stamp reference? If she was not a person of color would you still use it? Asking for my racist friend.

  7. Love how ignorant this was. When a white guy shoots up a school he’s described as having mental illness. But this is typical from Lawrence…. Most of you ignorant people have either never set foot in Lawrence or go there to get your fix.
    Be better than this.

  8. Why were food stamps referenced in this post? The Hispanic individual at the center afforded the luxury of travel is that much of a trigger for you to spew false stereotypes? Please note white people are the primary consumers of food stamps in your next trailer park article.

  9. How about her behavior is unacceptable! Forget the back and forth…. who in the world got time for those shenanigans?

  10. This is really poor and mediocre journalism that only fuels division and hate against other people, particularly minorities and people with disabilities. Hope this type of articles and “journalism” are no longer tolerated.

  11. This reporting is trash. What does it have to do with politics? Is it because she is not white she has to be in food stamps? Please tell facts not biased fiction and learn to write a story properly. Maybe that’s why you have this as your platform instead of something better you bigot.

  12. First of all for the person who wrote this article, it’s not “LaWrEnCe DiAlEct oF SpAnIsH” it’s Spanish of Dominican accent and for those who actually know her, she has mental health issues and she takes medicine. This is what happens when she’s off her medicine. The person who wrote this is an Uncle Sam and a half

  13. First of all, it’s not “LaWreEncE DiAleCt of EsPaNol” it’s spanish but with a Dominican accent. There’s so many things wrong with this article including personal biases that shine bright. ALSO, She has mental health issues and I know people who know her. When she doesn’t take her medicine, this happens. And here you are dragging her through the mud making assumptions

  14. This type of exploitation is fucking disgusting. Clearly nobody in their RIGHT MIND would act this way. You all should read a book or two about mental illness. Now she will probably lose her job and be in an even darker place. This bullying, you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking this is appropriate to share with the world.

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