Saving Metro Narcisi Part 1: Kathryn Narcisi Makes Him Her Latest Husband After Several Messy Divorces And The Death Of His Wife


Medoro “Metro” Narcisi was a well respected jazz artist, musician, and music teacher from Ashaway, Rhode Island. He specializes in the saxophone but he can play a variety of instruments. His music speaks for itself.

Anyone involved in music in the State of Rhode Island knows Metro, as he is extremely talented.

Michelle, his wife of 20 years, died in 2013 from breast cancer, and Metro was understandably devastated. They had no children, and as you can imagine someone like Metro would be very lonely and vulnerable after something like that.

He began online dating and met a woman named Kathryn Cahill, who today you now know as Failure Swift. My company is currently being sued by this woman, because according to her I committed libel when one of my bloggers wrote about the public video that Metro filmed of her being kicked out of Kent Hospital in Warwick, after a doctor determined she didn’t really have a stroke.

Today I had my first day in court with her, since I was not notified of the temporary restraining order hearing against me on May 13, in which a TRO was granted. Mind you, I have never contacted this woman before in my life, and the entire basis of her claim is that third parties read the blog about her and began harassing her after the fact. Never mind that we never directed or urged anyone to do so, or the fact that she urged people to contact the media about her video.

The Judge nevertheless granted this clearly mentally unstable woman’s motion for a TRO, and even went so far as to order me to take the blogs down. I have not done so because the Judge has no constitutional authority to tell a media outlet to take down content on its site. This woman asked to be written about, so we wrote about her. On top of that I own a Massachusetts based company, and a Judge in Rhode Island has no jurisdiction to order my company to do anything.

The hearing didn’t last long today, and the Judge ordered me to get an attorney. So if you know an attorney in Rhode Island who can help me out for cheap, that would be great. Email [email protected] please.

The hearing also was short because she fired her attorney Christopher Millea, who is also a RI State Representative. No reason was given, however, I had been messaging him throughout the week to alert him of some of his client’s ridiculous public behavior (on top of the fact that it seems blatantly unethical for an attorney to accept money from a client who is clearly not of sound mind, and has a case that will not go anywhere). I have a feeling that he told her to stop posting on Facebook, and she got mad and fired him.

This is a video she made the other day, talking about the legal action she was taking against me. She repeatedly claims to be a “business” owner, and says that as a business owner I am responsible for calling FBI cyber crimes if someone in the comments writes “something wrong” about her. She claims that her life is in danger due to the fact that we did exactly what she asked for – blogged about her video getting kicked out of a hospital.

“When you allow people to do things that cause casualties, causes traumatic things to people, you are liable, it is a liability, and you are responsible, it is your responsibility.”

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“If is your responsibility to call the FBI cyber bullying unit, because there is one.”

It’s patently absurd that a Judge is wasting her time with this deranged woman, and allowing the court’s time to be wasted with such nonsense. Anyone with a basic understanding of law knows that a website is not responsible for mean things third parties say as a result of reading a blog. The case was continued to June 19 in Wakefield, RI.

Anyway, Metro is just the latest of her many husbands. She appears to have had the following names in the last 20 years:

Kathryn Cahill

Kathryn Narcisi

Kathryn Diprete

Kathryn Montefusco

Kathryn Sanchas

Kathryn Leandro

Kathryn Barbone

Kathryn Reynolds

It’s hard to keep track of which guy came first. She got divorced from Brian Barbone in 2004.

Her divorce from Michael Leandro began in 2013 and ended in 2015.

Her divorce from Michael Montefusco began in 2010 and ended in 2011.

As you may have noticed with Michael, Michael, and Metro, she has a type.

Her case with Scott Sanchas was filed on May 13, 2016, but has no other information.

Several of her children have the last name Diprete, and some of them appear to live in Georgia, where she has visited them and they didn’t look enthused to see her.

Somewhere in between all those husbands she also had a boyfriend named Ken Sirois, a Fall River firefighter. She started dating him around 2013 while going through the divorce with Leandro, and they played in a band together. She did to him what she has done to many of her lovers – convinced him that she is deftly sick and had him put on a benefit fundraiser in her name.

She was very upset that she couldn’t raise a lot of money, despite purporting to be sick as a dog.

So she planned a second benefit on top of that one.

All money raised goes towards her of course.

With every man she marries she attempts to get them to adopt her children. Metro was the one she finally got to take the bait. This will make it easier to take the house when and if she inevitably divorces Metro too.

Because Kathryn stays home all day and works on her on her “businesses,” she is able to homeschool her remaining daughters. Sources tell us that as a result of this sheltered environment the girls are extremely introverted and have no social skills. Kathryn hijacked her daughter’s Facebook page in 2012 and announced that her child was writing a series of children’s books. More disturbingly, she posted that Kayla was excited to call the latest guy she was married to at the time, “Daddy.”

It’s incredibly unhealthy for any child for their mother to teach them to embrace the latest guy in their life as “Daddy,” knowing that based on their commitment issues they probably won’t be around for much longer.

The Michael “Daddy” in that case appears to be Leandro. The two of them had an eviction case in Rhode Island court in 2011.

The year before she also had an eviction case with her previous ex-husband Michael Montefusco.

Remember, this is the same exact thing Metro accused her of doing in that video posted earlier in May.

In that video Metro accused her several times of stealing his money (which she calls their money, but doesn’t contribute hardly anything to), and getting him into financial difficulties.

Metro: Katherine, I know you spent $6,000 on your his and her secrets, and fucking lied and joined Dean Grassiosi for $300.  And fucking $2,000 that you sneaked and taken my money for that other one.

Failure Swift: “Are you insane? I didn’t sneak anything of your money.”

Metro: You freaking took all my money.

Failure Swift: “All of our money is our money.”

Metro: No there’s no your money. I noticed that you have no deposits for the entire month of April. You’ve taken $800 out of the ATM. You’ve given $200 to….”

Metro: Why are you taking my $35,000?

Failure Swift: “I’m not taking your money.”

Metro: You took my money and went and bought your stuff!!

Metro: I’ve seen what you spent and you’ve actually spent $2000 for that….

Failure Swift: “No I didn’t.”

Metro: YOU DID!! You paid $1995!! And you spent $765 on another thing.

Failure Swift: “OK so you either went into my account which is illegal….”

Metro: You lied to me!! You’re a fucking thief.

This is what she does. She moves from guy to guy, spends all their money, claims to be sick, presents herself as some sort of legitimate “business owner” on Facebook (when in fact she’s just peddling pyramid scheme garbage), and gets them into serious financial trouble. Then she divorces them and moves onto the next guy she can hopefully get to adopt her kids.

Not surprisingly Metro was in bankruptcy court last year.

She also has tried to get her ex-husband’s in legal trouble. According to a Facebook post from 2012 she alleged that her ex-husband Michael Monefusco was “claiming I am harassing them or calling them.”

This is what she is doing to me, it’s what she did to the doctors and nurses at Kent Hospital, and it’s what she does to many of her ex-lovers – blames them for harassing her, or somehow doing her wrong. Then makes a public spectacle, calls the police, and gets the courts involved. The woman is a menace. Make no mistake either – Metro will be next. Remember she said this in that video:

“OK, keep abusing me. Metro, how bout go be single somewhere else.”

She regularly calls the police on Metro, like she did in February when she had him arrested for domestic violence.

She got him to adopt her kids, she has control of all of his money, she has his house, and now she has evidence that he is allegedly a violent husband. You’d have to be blind not to see the master plan here.

We’ll stop here for now. Stay tuned for Part 2 of Saving Metro Narcisi.



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