Scituate Former NHL Enforcer Billy Tibbetts Colorfully Threatens Everyone On IG, Virtual Shotguns Beers With North Shore Bros, Accuses School Nurse Of Deflowering Him


Billy Tibbetts is somewhat of a legend around these parts. The convicted rapist and former NHL enforcer who clearly is suffering from CTE, can’t stop doing coke when out on parole, fought Josh Abrams in jail, threatens police chiefs and their wives on social media, and degraded elderly people who wouldn’t vote for him to be on the Scituate Board of Selectmen, has been blogged about many times. We discussed this at length on TB Live last night (as well as the new Billy stuff further discussed in this blog) so click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and always get the content first.

Billy must’ve went to church and never showered because two days after Ash Wednesday he still had a crucifix on his head while he ranted and swore like a trucker in Mom’s living room. Here he is calling out some guy named Chris Croke, claiming to have had a sexual affair with his school nurse mother because he’s a self proclaimed “international sex symbol.”

Does this look like the face of an international sex symbol who brags about discovering himself with his arch-rival’s mother when he was in high school while simultaneously claiming to be a victim of pedophilia?


He wants to fight Jake and Logan Paul, Connor McGregor, Evander Holyfield, or Mike Tyson, (whoever follows him on IG first) and has some harsh words for Tyson in particular because he can’t understand why the fellow convicted rapist won’t fight him for $1 million and assumes he must therefore be homosexual.

100% stud.

Toughest man alive.

He’s taking a trip to Marshfield to hunt down a man named Cam Hassing for $50K, or at least $40K. And he REALLY doesn’t like Cam Hassing. Way more than he doesn’t like Chris Croke and his adventurous school nurse Mom.

I have so many questions for the woman behind him in these videos who is clearly dominating life since she’s ended up with a mentally unbalanced cokehead who is bound to violate his probation any day now.

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Especially since he claims to have just had a run-in with the Warwick Police.

I also have so many questions about who Something About Mary’d him in the backyard while he was playing tennis hockey in the snow.

So why does Billy Tibbetts seem to think he’s some sort of international sex symbol and celebrity? Certainly the drugs and brain damage have something to do with it, but he also has a fan club of thirsty south shore white women….


and aspiring North Shore bros who are big into shotgunning cheap beer and yelling loudly for no reason in a vain attempt to establish themselves as the biggest hardos between Route 1 and Route 1A.

The women seem to understand that he’s there for their amusement, but I’m 90% sure every guy in the second video secretly wants to grow up to be Billy Tibbetts.

North Shore Hardo 1: “You’re a f***ing beast!!!”

Tibbs: “You’re a beast!!”

North Shore Hardo 1: “The boys love you Tibbs.”

North Shore Hardo 2: “You’re a beast. The best eva!!”

Tibbs: “Thank you guys, I love you guys bro.”

Safe to bet that not a single person in that video will ever be leaving Saugus. Ever. It’s a rule that if you refer to your group of friends as “the boys,” then your future consists of summer vacations at Hampton Beach, chinstraps into your mid 30’s, and a Mass Health card.

Tonight he said that a YouTube strategist told him to build his following up on IG and force his followers to pay to listen to him ramble because he never raped anyone, the teenage girl he was convicted of raping actually raped him.

He also put up a video of himself speaking ill of his parole officer, so at this point it seems to be a matter of when, not if, Billy Tibbetts returns to prison.


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