Seekonk Man Arrested For Taking Part In Capitol “Insurrection” Is A First Amendment Auditor Who Works With Josh Abrams And Other TB Famous Ratchets


Masslive: Law enforcement officers with Boston’s Federal Bureau of Investigations Joint Terrorism Task Force have arrested 25-year-old Noah Bacon, of Somerville, and 28-year-old Chase K. Allen, of Seekonk, for their alleged roles in the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Allen was recognized by his Boston Red Sox beanie that he wore while he was smashing the equipment of the Associated Press valued at between $30,000 and $34,000 at the media staging area in Washington D.C., according to court documents. On Feb. 4, the FBI put out a call to identify individuals and attached an image pulled from a video of the events unfolding at the media staging area where groups of protesters overran the staging area and began breaking up equipment. Allen wearing his Boston Red Sox beanie was recognized by tipsters who came forward, law enforcement said. Furthermore, with the video of his actions started flowing through social media sites, tips started to flow into the inbox of law enforcement officers. Allen can be seen, according to court documents, repeatedly stomping on media equipment at approximately 7:42 minutes into the video.

The Capitol riot is the most overblown incident in American history. A mob of idiots who fell for a bunch of lies with absolutely zero evidence descended on a public building, rushed inside, broke some stuff, took pictures in Nancy Pelosi’s office, and one of them got shot and killed. At no point in time was our democracy ever threatened, which is why it’s so humorous every time people call it an insurrection and act like viking man was attempting to overthrow the government and appoint himself Secretary of costume design. There are gluten-free “insurrectionists” sitting in jail being denied bail because they are allegedly a dangerous threat to our country, despite basically being allowed to walk in the building by Capitol Police. What is happening to them is completely political, especially when contrasted with the fact that BLM rioters and looters across the country have had charges dropped against them for much more violent and dangerous offenses. The fact that liberals are cheering this on shows that they never actually cared about “criminal justice reform,” and only cared about using the power of the government to punish their political opponents.

With that said, anyone who attended the Capitol riot is an idiot, including Chase Allen. His interview with the media before he was arrested says it all.

How does someone that skinny have man boobs? And why would anyone get a tattoo in the middle of their chest that says “vanilla?”

The overgrown collection of pubes he calls a beard says it all really.

As you heard from Chase, he considers himself a reporter and a documentarian. But upon further review he is actually friends with all the cop block auditors we’ve written about a million times – Anselmo, Josh Abrams, Will Turbitt, Bucket Boy, Joe Orga, etc.

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He’s a “First Amendment auditor,” which means he’s a guy with an iPhone who goes around filming in public buildings for the fuck of it, looking to pick a fight with the first person who asks him to stop. These people are a joke. They are a threat to no one with what they do, and are nothing more than an annoyance for productive people who actually matter. The fact that the FBI is wasting their time on people like this and treating them like they’re some sort of “existential threat” is a joke. He destroyed a bunch of camera equipment. Arrest him for that and make him repay it. Stop making these morons feel like they were part of something bigger than they actually were. 

Chase Allen does this all the time with Anselmo and Abrams on the hundreds of videos he’s posted on his YouTube channel, the Allen Report. They travel all around the country, living off donations from their followers who hate police, and film people at the DMV, in jails, at the welfare office, at the post office, the Old Lyme CT Town Hall, and many other really important places where our freedoms are on the line.

Chase Allen is not some right wing insurrectionist, which is how the media is portraying him. He’s just a loser who hates cops and has no life. He regularly “documents” left wing insurrections too. Like how he went to Seattle to go in the CHOP zone when they briefly declared independence from America.

Attended the Portland insurrection a month later.

Trump protests.

He even blockaded a Seattle interstate.

Not a single person in any of these videos will be charged, but the people in his Capitol riots video have been labeled as enemies of the state and hunted down like John Wilkes Booth. Granted, there were many people there that day that deserve to be arrested. Like the guy in the hunting jacket at the 3:30 mark who assaults a cop.

That guy is a criminal who assaulted a cop, not a serious threat to overthrow the government. Chase supported what he did when he said, “they work for us, f*** them,” but pretty much everyone else in that crowd protected the police and told the guy in the hunting jacket to chill out.

Here’s another video. Watch the guy at the 24:10 mark telling the cops that the Constitution tells the cops they have a duty to step down and join the mob.

This guy almost took over the most powerful country on earth.

Sure thing.


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