Self-Described “Vulnerable Sweetheart” South Boston Man Establishes Street Cred As Toughest Dude In The Streets Despite Claiming To Be Terrified Victim Of Bullying 


Last night on the live show we reviewed some of the best stories of the week (never miss a show by subscribing to our YouTube channel by clicking here), but we also got a phone call from a man who might possibly be the 3rd or 4th toughest dude from Southie. His name is Angelo Graziano, and nobody messes with him.


Fisticuffs Freddie apparently didn’t like my impression of him, so he called in at around the 1:09:45 mark, and he actually sounded exactly like the impression. (whole story starts around 1:02).

It all began with this man:

Edwin Salazar (AKA Ed Takizawa) is a former turtle rider who ended up leaving the turtle months ago to hang out with notorious DCF Mom Bristol Blarney on her dying YouTube channel. Salazar, who calls himself “Fixah” in Discord, fancies himself a computer hacker and admitted to “porn bombing” a live stream I did last month, which involved him sending a video of Josh Abrams pleasuring himself in order to get the stream shut down.

Edwin has dedicated himself to interfering with our streams and blogs, and when you jump in the sewer to sling mud at me I will jump in there with you. I would prefer civility, but I will fight on the battlefield of your choice. And in this case it meant finding out that he lives with his mother, who operates an unlicensed daycare. I did the only thing I know how to do after discovering information like this – friend requested his Mom and sent him a message asking if people who sent their kids there knew that he was sending pornography on YouTube just feet away from their children. Within hours he had changed his name on Discord to Azure and gave his exit speech.

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Sorry Ed, now youz can’t leave. Ya see, Ed has been a problem for quite some time now. During the week I also got a message from a former ratchet Kate Peter once blogged about, demanding I take down blogs about him. But it was what he had sent last year in the convo that caught my eye – a screenshot from Edwin Salazar telling him that he hopes the ratchet’s Mom gets cancer.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you do stuff like this then I hate you. I don’t want you as a follower, and you bring great shame to turtle rider nation.

Angelo Graziano caught my attention because he apparently is the new cohost of Blarney’s panel of redneck circus freaks, and refers to himself as Doofy.

As you can see from the wife beater in November, the no fucks given beard, and the arm sleeve tattoo, he is a very tough guy.

Angelo used to message me with story ideas all the time, volunteered to run our Facebook page, drew pictures for south shore turtlegirl, once asked if we could give him a birthday shoutout on the live show, and even tried out to be a blogger himself by sending in a sample blog that was quite cringe.

He seemed like a nice enough guy and was clearly a huge fan, so it was surprising to see him go to the dark side. However, on February 25, Kate Peter took her channel down and said she was done on YouTube, which led several former turtle riders to crawl back and beg for forgiveness. I forgave some of them, but I refused to with Angelo because it wasn’t genuine enough for me.


Apology not accepted. This upset him and he continued to message me on Facebook about it.

And in one of the great self-emasculating moves of all time Angelo expressed to me that I was “picking on him,” said he was “terrified,” referred to himself as a “sweetheart,” accused me of “bullying” him, and claimed to be “vulnerable” after I mentioned him on the live show.

I found this interesting because his pathetic ramblings about being a vulnerable sweetheart were a big contrast to the character her plays when he’s “Doofy” on Discord and YouTube.  There he is no longer a victim bullying, but instead is the hardest dude in Southie. He’s made it clear that he will knock out anyone with one punch, he don’t put up with no disrespect towards women and children (unless you abuse and neglect your kids and lose 2 of them to the state, at which point he will fan boy you in order to get on your show), he doesn’t understand why more women don’t appreciate his protection, everyone knows him from his bouncing days, he punches glass for fun, “holds court in the steets,” wears Magnums with black women (only for one pump though), drinks Olde English by the case, and will defend Kate’s honor to the death. (He is user name AG)






Anyway, listen to the call if you didn’t hear it, because it was truly priceless. According to Angelo he was just kidding when he said all those things to me and the joke went way over my head. Sure thing Angelo, we’ll go with that.



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