Sentinel And Enterprise Reporter Cliff Clark Lies To Emailers After Stealing TB Daily News Reports On Lorrayna Calle And Passing It Off As His Own


The Lorrayna Calle blogs we published last month are some of my proudest pieces. Not only did we expose a violent, sociopathic woman who abused her 7 year old stepdaughter, harassed her mother for years, and sent graphic messages about the way the child would be killed, but our blogs also mobilized readers to call the police and demand she be arrested. It’s no coincidence that after two years of these threats action was finally taken after we publicized it.

I put in a lot of legwork on those stories, interviewing Denise, pulling courthouse records, communicating with police in Worcester, Holden, and Fitchburg. I even got a bunch of death threats from Lorrayna herself, which can now be used as evidence to convict Lorrayna Calle. I take what I do very seriously, which is why it’s so annoying when the mainstream media steals our work and passes it off as their own.

This is Fitchburg Sentinel and Enterprise reporter Cliff Clark.

He proved himself to be a shameless excuse for a journalist with a story he published yesterday about Lorrayna being held without bail, a story we published last week when it actually happened.

It’s essentially just a copy and paste from the many blogs we published about Lorrayna Calle. Now I understand that this Cliff Clark went down to the courthouse and pulled the paperwork to write his story, but he did so in order to avoid using TB Daily News as a source. This is what they always do to get around the plagiarism issue – they read our blogs, then they call the police or the courthouse to verify it, and then they print it as if they stumbled upon it organically. It’s disingenuous, unethical, and a pathetic end around to avoid citing your real sources.

But the Lorrayna Calle story was different because Turtleboy was a character in the story. I received lots of threatening text messages from Lorrayna herself. The whole reason I wrote about it in the first place is because Lorrayna contacted me using a fake account of her stepdaughter’s real mother, and attempted to use Turtleboy as a weapon to smear the real mother. I was the one who spoke with Denise and got the background on the story, I spoke with other victims of Lorrayna, I spoke with police, and I mobilized an army to take action. Had turtle riders not flooded the Worcester and Fitchburg Police with phone calls demanding her arrest, she would still be free today. This was ongoing for years after all.

Without that happening there would be no court records for Cliff Clark to write a story based on. You cannot properly tell that story without mentioning Turtleboy, and everyone who’s followed that story knows that. Read the comments on the Sentinel’s Facebook page – it’s all turtle riders calling them out. The Sentinel doesn’t understand how pathetic they look.

Some turtle riders emailed Cliff, and his responses illustrate just what a shameless hack this guy is.

“We take sources very seriously.” – Guy who went out of his way not to cite his sources.

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“I don’t need TB’s help in reporting alleged crimes.”

Actually, you do. Because this case would not be in the courts right now were it not for Turtleboy. The emailer made that clear to him.

Cliff didn’t like that and responded emotionally.

If you’d never heard of Lorrayna Calle before November 12, and you are a reporter for Fitchburg’s primary newspaper, then you’re a really bad reporter. It was all everyone in Fitchburg was talking about for two weeks. We wrote a dozen blogs on it. It was one of the biggest stories of the year.

He also says that he walked into the Fitchburg courthouse on November 12 to pull all criminal cases from the day before. There are a few problems with that:

  1. The day before November 12 was Veteran’s Day, and the courthouse was closed so there were no records from November 11.
  2. Lorrayna hadn’t been arrested yet by November 12, and an email from Detective Daigle on that day proves that he was still working the case at that time.
  3. Why did he randomly pick November 12? I suppose it’s just a coincidence that on Friday, November 8 we published the first story about Lorrayna. He likely read it and went in the next day the court was open.

You are a liar and a fraud Cliff. I sent him a respectfully worded email too, but of course he ignored it.

The irony here is that the media always makes sure to credit each other for stories, especially when Cliff Clark writes something that another outlet uses.

This is why no one takes the mainstream media seriously anymore. They lie, they cover for each other, they ignore real news, they push their agenda, and they employ hacks like Cliff Clark.


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