Serial Abuser Robert Sullivan From Sandwich Arrested For Domestic Assault While Out On Probation For Strangling Woman, Throwing Ex-Girlfriend Through Table In Front Of Children


This is Robert Sullivan from Sandwich.

On Monday, he was arrested for punching his girlfriend in the stomach, throwing her, and ripping her shirt and bra off in the parking lot of her condo complex while the neighbors watched. He was just released from jail a couple months ago for a 2019 assault on another woman, who is the father of two of his children. He has previously been arrested multiple times for beating women, including the mothers of his four children, who he missed the births of. After this week’s arrest the probation department alerted his previous victims, which is standard procedure. Two of his victims had enough and posted about it on Facebook which was shared over 1,000 times.

According to the police report from August 2020 Robert Sullivan walked into Katy’s house where his son and daughter were, complaining about his ex-girlfriend. When she asked him why they were still talking he became upset and smashed the dining room table to pieces. His son told him to leave and said that he was not his father, which angered him and he began to advance on the boy. Fearing that her son was about to be assaulted his mother jumped in between them, at which point he picked her up and threw her, breaking a bone. Her son chastised him for hitting a woman and told him to leave. Instead of doing that he made himself a drink and sat on the couch like nothing happened. When the police attempted to contact him he told them it was just an argument and avoided going down to the police station, so a warrant was put out for his arrest.

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The incident he went to jail for occurred in 2019 when Emily and Robert were on their way home in a car and began arguing. After pulling into the driveway he exited the car and pulled Emily to the ground where he began to strangle her. While choking her he screamed “I should’ve killed you.” He served just a couple months in prison for these two attacks.


Robert was also arrested in 2013 for shooting up heroin with his homeys while carrying a weapon.

At about 10 p.m. Sandwich police officer Dan Perkins spotted a truck with its interior lights on parked at a cottage complex at 365 Route 6A, according to a Sandwich police press release. Perkins walked up to the vehicle to see what was going on and spotted three men injecting narcotics, according to the press release. All three men were removed from the truck and searched, according to the press release. Police found heroin, cocaine, Percocet pills and two so-called “dirk” knives, which are like a short sword, on the men, according to the release. Peter C. Gonsalves IV, of Falmouth, Robert Humphrey Sullivan, of Sandwich, and Warren Antone, of New Bedford, all age 27, all face a charge of possession of cocaine, according to police. In addition, Gonsalves faces a charge of possession of heroin, and Sullivan will be charged with possession of Percocet, two counts of carrying a dangerous weapon and having an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, according to police.

Robert Sullivan comes from a well respected Catholic family that thinks they’re helping him out by bailing him out time and time again. But in reality their son is a soulless, juiced up monster who thinks it’s OK to hit women and never takes responsibility for his behavior. He has no relationship with his children, nor does he seem to care that much. He beats up one girlfriend and then moves on to the next, recycling them like they are nothing.

Today was supposed to be his day in court for the most recent domestic assault against whoever the new girlfriend is. His father John Sullivan showed up there to once again try to bail his son out for a dangerousness hearing today, but it got rescheduled until Tuesday because the assistant district attorney is sick.

His victims were all there too.

Prior to taking down his page his most recent posts were filled with comments from friends about what a good guy he is. Richards Tree Service LLC gainfully employed him despite knowing about his criminal history before and after his most recent incarceration, and they’ve reportedly helped with his bail. You can find them on Facebook here. Robert Sullivan carries on like he’s some sort of well respected member of society, but he’s really just an animal who can’t stop abusing women. Hopefully this blog and Katy’s Facebook post will make it harder for him to find future victims.


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