Shadia Hilo Files Lawsuit Against Dasha Kelly, GoFundMe After Defendant Raised $230K By Pretending To Be Mother Of Plaintiff’s Children


North Las Vegas mother Shadia Hilo has filed a lawsuit on behalf of her three children against their father’s girlfriend Dasha Kelly in Clark County, NV District Court, and is being represented by the Randazza Law Group. You may recall that two weeks ago TB Daily News first reported that Kelly, who was featured on CNN and presented herself as a single mother of three facing eviction, was not the mother of the three girls who sat down for two interviews with CNN.

Both interviews have since been pulled and CNN retracted their story, but GoFundMe has not taken down the fundraiser. Instead they agreed to keep it up and allow her to access the money by August 23 if Dasha Kelly posted an update admitting she was not the mother of the children, and offered a refund. Since then she has lost over $60,000 in donations, including a $15,000 donation from Weston, MA resident Meredith Kellner.


GoFundMe has also changed their algorithms. Previously when you searched for “evictions” on GoFundMe Dasha’s was the first to come up out of over 18,000, giving her a distinct advantage when it came to fundraising. Now she’s not on page 1.

Attorney Randazza made it impossible for Fox News or any other media outlet to steal our story this time (like Tucker Carlson producer Gregg Re shamelessly did last week), or attempt to not credit Turtleboy Daily News for breaking it, by pointing out that we first reported the story in the complaint itself. This story never would’ve come to light at all had we not acted as the voice for Shadia Hilo, whose phone calls to CNN and GoFundMe were not returned. Here are some highlights of the complaint:

  • The plaintiff alleges that the defendant lied about being the mother of her girls. 
  • The plaintiff has sole custody of the three girls used to raise all that money because Kelly’s boyfriend and the children’s father (David Allison) is not listed on the birth certificate and has never paid child support. 
  • The plaintiff was never consulted on whether her minor children could be used by Kelly to raise money.
  • Putting the children on TV violated their privacy rights, and since they were too young to understand what their rights were only their real mother could speak for them.
  • The children suffered emotional distress because they thought they were facing housing insecurity, when in fact they lived at their mother’s house.
  • The three girls never lived in the apartment Dasha Kelly was being evicted from.
  • Kelly claimed that she had to sell the children’s furniture to pay her rent, but the children never had furniture in her apartment because they never lived there.
  • Kelly had multiple opportunities to clarify that she was not the biological mother or legal guardian of the girls, but chose not to and profited immensely off of these misrepresentations.
  • In her update Dasha Kelly lied about creating funds with $5,000 for each of the three girls.
  • Prior to CNN reporting this completely made up story Kelly had raised $0, and without the three girls CNN would have had no interest in the story. Her lie was intentional and done to enrich herself.
  • GoFundMe must not release the funds to Dasha Kelly, and she must pay the plaintiff’s legal fees.

Here is the entire complaint filed yesterday against Kelly and GoFundMe.

2021.08.17 Hilo v. Kelly Complaint



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Thank you for Attorney Randazza for taking on this case. What happened here was an injustice, and Shadia Hilo, her children, and everyone who donated were the victims. You could also argue that landlords who won’t be paid rent due to the extension of the eviction moratorium were victims, since stories like this contributed to that. A potential lawsuit against CNN also is still on the table, since none of this would have happened if they reported properly. However, they may have First Amendment protections. Several CNN reporters who contributed to the story still have tweets up about Dasha Kelly that they have not corrected.



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