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Shepherd Hill Teen Who Doxxed Her Mother For Being Assaulted At Trump Rally And Got Her Fired Raises Over $50K With GoFundMe And Help From The Media


Last week we published a blog about a bratty Shepherd Hill senior named Helena Duke, who doxxed her mother Therese after her Mom was assaulted by a security guard at the Trump protests in Washington. Her Mom has since been fired by UMass Medical Center despite clearly being the victim of a vicious sucker punch. I hope she gets a good attorney and sues them, because there’s nothing illegal about going to a protest at our nation’s capital, and the last thing we should be doing is villifying victims. I welcome Therese on the live show if she ever wants to air her side of the story. To make matters worse her disgraceful excuse for a daughter also monetized her newfound fame by having people donate to her Cashapp.

On top of that she has sympathized with the woman who viciously assaulted her mother and has since been fired for what she did, because she thinks sucking up to any black person (literally anyone who is black), even if they bloody the woman who raised her, will make her virtuous.

And just to add insult to injury she allowed her girlfriend Chase Cook to publicly demean her mother as well.

But this bootleg Rachel Dolezal isn’t done using her mother’s downfall for fame and cash. Helena started a GoFundMe that’s raised over $56,000 for her to go to college.

She has little financial support? Take out loans like everyone else. Actually, don’t. This is exactly the kind of moron who goes to college, majors in gender studies, and then whines when they can’t get a job. She has no more financial difficulties than she did a week ago, as her parents are divorced and she lives with her father. She was never kicked out of her house. Her Mom now has no income because of her. I’ve never seen a child more evil than this.

On top of that she’s been doing interviews with everyone who will have her.

Here’s what she told Buzzfeed last week.

In a screenshot of text messages reviewed by BuzzFeed News, Helena asked her mom where she was on Wednesday night but did not get a response. The next day, after Therese texted saying she was home, Helena simply responded, “how’s your nose.”

“Please call me or talk to me if you really wanna know,” her mom wrote.

Her mom and aunt — whom she said she was close to until their relationship broke down in recent years — have sent her pleas and threats to remove her tweets.

“We are not proud of how things went in DC,” Annie said in a text reviewed by BuzzFeed News. “I know you are upset but putting us in danger isn’t going to solve anything. Please … I am Begging you to remove.”

“I honestly don’t think I did anything wrong in this situation,” Helena said.

Helena said she is upset at her family members’ actions and her mom’s hypocrisy. She added that when her mother discovered last year that she’d participated in a Black Lives Matter march, she told her she was no longer welcome in the home.

“She told me she thought Black Lives Matter was a violent organization and they would be inciting violence,” she recalled.

Imagine your aunt was pleading with you to take down a tweet that doxxed her because it was leading to threats and she was worried for her life, and you chose not to because you wanted to cash in on their misery instead? What an evil human being.

Helena is clearly brainwashed by idiots in the media who think that the Capitol riots were evidence of “systemic racism” because not enough rioters were killed by the cops, unlike the BLM riots which were peaceful and rioters got arrested for no reason.

HD: I think a lot of people were in denial that there is a very serious racial inequality problem in our justice system. The extreme police brutality we have seen, especially [over the past] year towards African American people, while these predominantly white people have pictures and videos of them being escorted peacefully out by the police officers — I think the fact that there is this double standard is so obvious. Like, wow, America has really come to this. And the fact that our president replied to this violent attack telling these people that he loves and supports them was very disheartening. [It’s hard] to believe there are people that still stand by that man.

Helena lives in Charlton and went to Shepherd Hill where I used to teach. There are almost no black kids in the school. Her understanding of the black American experience comes from reading Vox. Meanwhile, an unarmed white woman was killed in the Capitol protests, while hundreds have and will be arrested and charged. Conversely district attorneys all over the country dropped the charges against BLM rioters, and police essentially allowed them to burn and loot police departments, courthouses, and businesses struggling from the pandemic.

The Nazis used to urge kids to turn their parents in if they said bad things about the state, and it’s really no different here. Shame on any adult who contributed to the breakup of a family just because they hate Donald Trump. That’s all this is. And the media is just as complicit for giving this girl a platform and allowing her to monetize it even more. Here’s what she told the New York Times.

“I remember seeing the F.B.I. tweets saying that anyone who knows anything about the people that were at the Capitol or anything like to put their names out there,” she said. “After a lot of thought, I was like, this is really the right thing to do.”

What she has not done much is talk, beyond a few short texts, to her mother. Now living with her father, Ms. Duke said that even a short trip to pick up some clothes from her mother’s house over the weekend involved a police escort. She does not know exactly what her mother did in Washington, though her aunt’s name appears on a list of unrest-related arrests by the D.C. police, charged with simple assault. Neither Ms. Duke’s mother nor her aunt responded to messages seeking comment.

“It was hard for me, and I felt very, immense guilt for doing it at some point,” Ms. Duke said of posting the tweets. But she said, some of her cousins told her they supported her. “I really don’t think that I did anything wrong,” she said. “They should be held accountable.”

Held accountable for what? Your Mom attended a protest. That is not against the law. She was then assaulted, and instead of defending her like she would defend you, you fed her to the mob so you could make money and gain Twitter followers. After that she raised money for the security guard who assaulted her Mom.

She’s raised over $178K and counting.

Oh, and now she really, really wants attention from AOC, knowing that if AOC retweets the GoFundMe she could make millions of dollars.

She’s literally bragging to AOC to try to get more clout. Quite frankly Therese is better off being estranged from her.

Helena doesn’t think she did anything wrong because everything that’s been written about her thus far has been positive. I’m here to let her know that she is the lowest form of human life imaginable, because no one else is going to tell her that. Helena, your girlfriend isn’t going to be around forever. If you get in a car accident and are paralyzed you’ll never see her again. If you go to jail she won’t visit. But your Mom will, despite all this. Because a mother’s love is forever and unconditional, and all these people kissing your ass and sending you money will move on to the next anti-Trump cause of the week next week.


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