Shirley Mom Creates Imaginary Friend To Start GoFundMe’s For Cancer Treatment, COVID Relief, Uses Teenage Daughter To Help


This is Michelle Westberry, AKA Michelle Noel, AKA Michelle Bomil from the town of Shirley.

Who wore it better?


Michelle claims to have cancer and has been posting links to a GoFundMe that her friend “Kelley Lukus,” AKA Kelley Linkis made for her and urged her to share. Michelle was reluctant at first because she’s shy and doesn’t like the idea of begging for cash around the holidays, but she conquered her fear and put herself out there in Shirley, Westford, and Leominster community pages.

Kelley assured her that she did the right thing and deserved this charity.

Except there’s just one problem – Kelley isn’t real, and is almost definitely Michelle. She deleted her Facebook account after people realized she was using stock photos from Google.

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The first GoFundMe they shared was this one from two weeks ago, which raised $700 by claiming to need help from COVID.

As you can see it now says Michelle Bomil organized that fundraiser, but prior to that it said Kelley Lukus.

The reason she initially had it as Kelley and not Michelle was because she was pretending to raise money for Kelley’s family, who of course is not a real person.

She’s just aware enough to realize that she’d look like a guttermuppet begging on behalf of herself, and too many people might ask questions.

Then four days ago “Kelley” started a GoFundMe for her breast cancer, which she vowed to fight for her two kids Ryan and Cassidy.

The only thing more ratchet than raising money for an imaginary woman who doesn’t have cancer so you can scam people around the holidays is naming one their imaginary children “Cassidy.”

Around this same time another GoFundMe was created by Kelley Linkis for her friend Michelle, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Finally another GoFundMe was started by Michelle for her own cancer that raised $780, claiming to have been diagnosed in 2018, put through surgery, told that she was in remission last year, only to be told by her oncologist that it was back. She once again stuck to the story that creating a GoFundMe was a last resort  since she’s a “giver, not a receiver,” (that’s what she said), but her friend Kelley begged and pleaded with her to share it so she had to suck up her pride because her insurance doesn’t cover the upcoming treatments and surgeries.

But what Cancer Karen wasn’t counting on was that people would actually investigate the medical details in her GoFundMe and find out that her story didn’t add up.

Cancer Karen realized her scheme was finally getting called out and went into panic mode.

After that she got called out by her neighbor for being a scammer.

And it was revealed that she had stated another cancer GoFundMe last year too!

And did I mention she also recruited her teenage goth princess daughter to be part of the scam too?

Allowing your teenager daughter to install a door knocker in her nose is actually worse than naming your imaginary friend with cancer’s daughter Cassidy. Ryleigh here seems like a well adjusted young lady who wants to defund the police, and is being brainwashed politically by her cancer scamming mother.

But wait, it gets better.

In October Michelle posted to the Shirley MA Community page, claiming to have just moved to town.

But for the past couple years she’d already been posting on the page, presenting herself as a proud and loving parent.

She even won a raffle from Ayer-Shirley Regional School District.

Not bad for a woman who just moved to town in October and wanted to know what day was recycling came.

She also may or may not have scammed her way to a free kitty.

The “I’m looking for help for a friend” routine was also used last year when she had a friend with the exact same number of children that she has, who was living in a hotel and needed a place to stay.

Finally once people started questioning her scam she began messaging them in a last ditch attempt to save her credibility.

She insisted that she had to beg for money because her wildly successful husband made too much money.

If this face doesn’t scream “90 grand a year” then I don’t know what does.

After going on the attack she realized this wasn’t going to look good for her so she begged to have it taken down.

And she stuck to blaming her imaginary friend Kelley.

But she ended up on TB anyway, so it looks like it didn’t work out the way she planned.


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