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Sister Of Missing Nashua Women Has Alleged History Of Theft, Burglary, Started Dubious $200 Fundraiser For Search Efforts

Yesterday we published a blog about a Nashua, NH woman who has gone missing under bizarre circumstances. Her family claims she was last seen taking out the garbage in nothing but pajama pants, slippers and a black jacket. Five days later, they reported her missing to Nashua PD.


A Facebook Fundraiser was started by Nicole Bailey, the missing woman’s sister, for “flyers,paper,water,snacks, and gas cards”, with the seemingly arbitrary goal of $200.


But…maybe you should just save yourself any hassle and print out your own flyers, because Nicole Bailey appears to have a habit of taking things that don’t belong to her.


According to comments on her Facebook page:


She apparently isn’t the most trustworthy individual, historically speaking. Then there’s the 2011 arrest, along with another sibling, related to a burglary:

Nashua, NH Patch: 

“A Nashua man and Merrimack woman were arrested earlier this morning on charges related to a burglary at a Merrimack apartment complex.

Shawn Bailey, 24, of 116 Palm St., Nashua, was charged with criminal liability to burglary and on warrants out of other departments for burglary and criminal threatening.

Nicole Bailey, 27, of 8 Thornton Road West, Merrimack, was charged with burglary, falsifying evidence, operating after suspension, misuse of plates and operating an unregistered vehicle.

On Monday, Sept. 26,  responded to an apartment at 8 Thornton Road West for a report of a burglary of money and after a short investigation were able to determine Nicole Bailey was involved in the crime, police say.

They allege she fled in a white Dodge van with an unknown accomplice, but while police were on the scene investigating, the van returned.

Nicole Bailey, who was driving the van, was stopped and taken into custody. Shawn Bailey, identified as the passenger, was also arrested after police say they learned he had two outstanding warrants.

They were both taken to the Merrimack Police Department where they were processed and each placed on $10,000 cash bail. The pair is scheduled for arraignment in Milford’s district court on Tuesday, Sept. 27.”


It would appear the “disease” runs in this family, because several months ago the missing woman herself was making a strange plea for cash online:


This story just keeps getting weirder. April Bailey is still missing, and I do hope she’s found soon, alive and well. I’d just pass on any fundraisers started by the family, personally. Doesn’t look like handing over your cash to them will do much good at all, unless funneling cash over to Diego’s blue magic fund is your idea of doing some good.


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