Sister Of Springfield Murderer Says Brother Had No Choice But To Kill Victim After Stealing His Car With 16 Year Old Girl


It was just another Monday in Springfield this week as a man and a teenage girl were arrested for murdering a dude in broad daylight.

Two people are facing murder charges after a shooting on Acushnet Avenue in Springfield on Monday. Springfield Police spokesman Ryan Walsh told 22News, around 2 p.m. Monday detectives arrested 22-year-old Isaiah Marquez and a 16-year-old girl on murder charges. Hampden County District Attorney’s Office spokesman Jim Leydon told 22News, the victim has been identified as 24-year-old Jonathan Martinez of Springfield. Officers were called to Acushnet Avenue around 12:40 p.m. and located an unresponsive man who had been shot in the backyard of a home. The victim was taken to Baystate Medical Center where he later died. A firearm was recovered in the backyard.

Walsh said officers then located the suspects on Allen Street when the car the girl was driving became disabled and her and Marquez both ran from police. Shortly after, detectives located the suspects in the woods on the 100 block of Allen Street and took them into custody. The investigation determined that the incident began in Holyoke when the girl stole the victim’s car from his home. According to Walsh, the victim found the stolen car in Springfield and began to follow it with the girl and Marquez inside. During the chase the girl hit a car in a parking lot along Hall of Fame Avenue and allegedly drove away. On Acushnet Avenue, both cars crash and Marquez was identified as shooting the victim from the passenger seat of the stolen car, according to Walsh.

The 16-year-old is facing numerous charges including murder and Marquez is charged with the following:

  • Murder
  • Carrying a firearm without a license
  • Armed firearm carjacking
  • Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon
  • Discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a building
  • Receiving a stolen motor vehicle
  • Possession of ammunition without an FID card

How much of a bootleg gangsta do you have to be to go around stealing cars with 16 year old girls, and they’re the ones who have to drive? Guess he can’t find many friends his own age, because he was arrested last year on weapons charges (and of course released) when he and two 16 year olds were shooting off guns in the middle of the city for absolutely no reason. Then again, the pubestache should’ve indicated that this man clearly has life by the balls.

His sister Mariah has a lot of interesting things to say on Facebook about the incident.

“It’s kill or be killed n***a.”

Or, perhaps he could just not go around popping off and stealing cars with 16 year olds. Maybe the guy he killed didn’t actually want to kill him, but was actually just trying to get his stolen car back. Maybe. Nevertheless, she means no disrespect to the victim, she just thinks he deserved to die and wants his killer to be freed.

Friends of Senorita Swallows argued that this was nothing more than a dispute over the 16 year old female car thief.

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If your parents name you’re Yayi then you’re going to jail eventually. That’s just science.

You’ll never guess what Mariah does for work.

CNA. Of course.

According to her Facebook she’s an aspiring RN who’s fired out two raw dog trophies, and refers to her dead father as a “real OG.”

So real that he’s dead. Worth it!

She’s demanding that her brother and Yayi be freed immediately.

Although no formal petition has been made to the court in regards to this matter, it wouldn’t be the first time she got someone freed from prison by posting a bottle of Henny on Facebook.

Don’t get it twisted though, she feels bad for the guy her brother killed.

She just wants his killer to be freed from jail immediately.

She has many positive memories of her brother, including that time he was so drugged out that he kept passing out in the back of the car.

Keep in mind, two human beings refer to this woman as “Mom,” and she refers to her two year old as a “heffer.”

Good thing the Springfield Public Schools closed down due to COVID. The kids will be in good hands with parents like this.

Anyway, she remains optimistic about the future.

If you’ve ever started off a Facebook post with, “just because they got charged with first degree murder,” and then try to explain why this isn’t such a bad thing, you’re definitely gonna end up on TB. Just sayin.


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