Six Dead American Children And 3 Dead Moms Killed By Mexican Drug Cartel Has Changed My Mind About The Wall


Yesterday was a resounding victory for people who support Turtleboy Sports in local elections.

  • Worcester City Council candidate Etel Haxhiaj lost miserably, finishing 8th place in a race in which the top 6 vote getters make the Council. This is a good thing because Etel previously denied Margaret Melican, a competent attorney, a position on the zoning board because she reads Turtleboy Sports and comments on the Facebook page with witty limericks. The rejection of her fascism was a victory for freedom.
  • School Committee candidate Cara Berg-Powers finished in 9th place in a race for the top 6. Berg-Powers, whose husband took her last name, once accosted a woman and her two small children in a grocery store and judged her parenting skills because they were wearing “I Am Turtleboy” shirts.
  • Other race baiting candidates finished lost including John Trobaugh, Jermah Kamara, and Chantel Bethea, while newcomer Laura Clancey (a supporter of Superintendent Maureen Binienda) did.
  • Unfortunately Tracy Novick is back from the dead, but one of these people had to get on since Brian O’Connell sadly passed away two weeks ago.
  • Donna Colorio, who the establishment hates because she’s a conservative, came out of nowhere and took 6th place in the City Council race, beating out Etel and Tony Economou, who everyone (including myself) assumed would get the last spot.

In non-Worcester news, Jasiel Correia’s reign of terror is officially over, as he got destroyed by a 10 to 1 margin to Fall River’s new mayor Paul Coogan.

Congrats are also in order for Robert Sullivan in Brockton and Shauna O’Connell in Taunton, both of who will be the new mayors in their cities.

As for the situation in Mexico, it’s the saddest story I’ve ever seen. Three mothers and six children, including 8 month old twin babies, were killed close to the border by what is most likely a drug cartel that shot up their cars so much that they lit on fire. A 13 year old boy saved the lives of six more kids by hiding them in bushes before he walked 14 miles to find help. One of the mothers who was killed hid her baby in the backseat, came out with her hands up and was gunned down. The baby was there for 11 more hours until authorities found her.

It’s just the worst story I’ve ever heard. These people are animals.

Granted, I do think it’s unwise to bring your kids in Mexico like this, and it’s tantamount to child abuse. Mexico is a lawless third world hellhole. Let’s not pretend that because some of us went to Cancun for spring break that it’s a place you should visit with your kids.

This story has opened my eyes to the wall. I’ve never been a wall person because I thought it wouldn’t fix illegal immigration, and I still don’t think it would. However, the fact of the matter is that our neighbor to the south is a bootleg country. Real countries have real governments, and they aren’t run by drug cartels. Not having a wall between us and Mexico is like living in the hood and not locking your doors. Sure, they might break in anyway, but it’s worth a shot. To make matters worse the cowardly Mexican President rejected Trump’s offer today to send military support to take out the cartels.

This should be our foreign policy priority right now, not Kurds in Syria who are 10,000 miles way. We share a border that has no wall with a country that would prefer to remain lawless. Trump was right when he referred to countries like this as shitholes. If your country is run by drug cartels then that’s exactly what it is, and it’s not racist to point that out.

I discuss all that and more on the podcast. Wednesday we’re going live at 9 AM, and will be going live every Monday and Wednesday at that same time thanks to our new advertiser APC Roofing.



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