Social Justice Warriors Defy Quarantine Orders By Holding Protest Outside Of CT Prison Demanding All Prisoners Be Set Free


One of the most baffling aspects of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic is the fact that there are people out there (including politicians) who want us to empty out the jails so that rapists and murderers don’t get sick. Because what else does our society need more of right now than an influx of criminals? I’m sure they’ll follow social distancing guidelines, what with their propensity to obey the law and buy into the idea of community. Sure, some innocent people might get killed and it’s extremely dangerous because these people are locked up for a reason, but we don’t want criminals to get sick in jail. That would be mean.

One of the groups that’s been pushing hardest to empty the jails (long before Chinese coronavirus was around) is a registered 501c3 called the Connecticut Bail Fund. They sought the abolishment of prisons long before the commie cold was a thing, and have been using this crisis as a way to push their agenda. Yesterday they traveled to the Corrigan Correctional Center in southeastern CT (near the casinos) to hold a protest, despite stay in place orders from Governor Ned Lamont.


What a ragtag crew of winners that was.




Here’s an idea – if your friends and family inside don’t want to be incarcerated, perhaps they should try not breaking the law. It just might work.

My favorite quote was when the trooper told them they had to leave because they were trespassing on prison property, and the camera lady responded with this:

“It’s no longer your property it is our property because we have loved ones here.”

Yes, that’s how it works. Her brother Diego is in there for selling heroin to an undercover, therefore she owns the building.

According to their website they have 6 members of the board of directors, and they’re the perfect collection of ragtags and white guilt laden, college educated noobz who want to feel like they’re helping to combat racism (jails are racist of course).

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Ana María Rivera-Forastieri – Co-director

Anyone with that many names in their name is bound to grow up and work for a non-profit the rest of her life.


Brett Davidson, Founder & Co-Director

Brett is their legitimacy guy. Yale boy who knows how to say the right buzzwords and can deliver a speech in front of the radical left wing governor without coming across too ratchet.



Vanesa Suárez, Deportation Defense Organizer

She’s mostly in it to help illegal immigrants who were too stupid to keep a low profile and obey the law while here illegally, from getting deported or having to learn English.


Norman Clement, Bail-Out Organizer

This is your Nathan Phillips of the group. Old dude with nothing to do who got left out of the casino money. Professional protester. Constantly virtue signals about how he’s Native American and therefore we’re all trespassing on his land. Would gladly bang a drum in a kid’s face if given the opportunity.


Jewu Richardson, Community Organizer

“Community organizer” is of course code for “perpetually unemployed malcontent.” Jewu is your ex-con who adds legitimacy to the group because he’s been on the inside despite the fact that he dindu nuffin and was the victim of racist police.

He felt “disrespected” by the cops, therefore he can say and do whatever he wants to them. That’s the way law and order works.

Jewus was shot by the New Haven Police in 2011 after leading them in a cross town high speed chase. He received a grand total of one year in jail and has been crying about it ever since.


Jeannia Fu, Community Organizer

She’s the “community organizer” which means she’s good at running the Facebook page and yelling into a bullhorn to free convicted rapists and murderers from jail.

So while the rest of you are quarantined in your home and getting shamed by Karen for going for a walk in the park, these people are gathering in groups for protests outside of jails and demanding they be emptied. And Governor Ned Lamont actually gives them his time and takes them seriously. Well done Connecticut.


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