Somerset School Committee Candidate Refuses To Cancel Restaurant Campaign Event Despite Coronvirus, Calls Teachers Greedy In Profanity Filled Rant


This is Jessica Machado, a cadidate for Somerset School Committee.

She had a campaign even schedules at the Comfort Zone Grille and Bar in Somerset on Monday, but instead of rescheduling it because of the national emergency of coronavirus, she elected to do this instead.

The only way the virus spreads is when human being congregate in groups and expose each other to it. Anyone still doing stuff like this is actively working contributing to the problem and should be called out for it.

The worst part is how she hides behind some sort of altruistic motive that she wants to help the business, when in reality this was really about raising money for her campaign. If she wanted to help the business she’d buy a gift card and encourage others to do the same. This was nothing more than a selfish way to collect cash at the expense of public health. If we all aren’t on board with this then the disease won’t stop spreading, our hospitals will become overcrowded, and healthcare workers on the front lines will be exposed to the disease.

She doubled down with the, “iM tRyInG tO HeLp sMaLl bUsInEsSeS” shtick after being called out for it.

Girl, please. You’re not doing this for the restaurant, which should also be ashamed for hosting this event. Their livelihoods don’t hinge on your campaign event. You’re not that important.

I don’t normally delve into small town politics, but this Jess Machado’s position on teacher’s salaries was too ratchet not to share.

“Teachers make way too much money and they’re a bunch of greedy f***s who probably should be working year round and if they don’t they should take a significant pay cut.”

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I’d like to see you teach for one week. Just one week. You wouldn’t last a second, largely because any kid who passed the 8th grade is already smarter than you. Teachers, for the most part, do work all year round. I was one for 11 years, and I used the summer to plan, research, read, and get better at my job. Papers don’t get corrected on their own and lesson plans don’t write themselves. I made less than $60,000 a year when I left the job with a Master’s Degree. The idea that some ignoramus like this should be the one to decide what professional educators should get paid is madness.

But it’s OK, because she totally supports teachers now.

Of course all you really need to know about Jess Machado is that she sells Herbalife and was a supporter of disgraced Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia.

If you’ve ever been on the bottom rung of a pyramid scheme it’s understandable how you’d fall for a professional con-artist like Juicy Jasiel.

In fairness though, the lone policy take we agree on is our belief that calling people c***s is a good thing.

The difference is that I’m not trying to run the public schools or actively spreading coronavirus for money.


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