Somerville Man Accused Of Sexually Harassing Multiple Women Was City Councillor Jack Connolly’s Campaign Manager Despite Arrest For Robbing Cab Driver 


Jack Connolly is a long time Somerville City Councilor who lost his seat in November, possibly as a result of his choice of campaign manager.

This is Jacob Vaidas, a 29 year old coast guard veteran.

He might seem like a sharp young political mind, but don’t let the pumpkin spice closeups fool you – he has a dark side, according to women in an “Everything is Free, Somerville MA” Facebook group.


Generally speaking when a strange women rejects you on the Internet and tells you she’s married, telling her that your girth is “impressive” won’t get her to change her mind. Just throwing that out there for those who would be inclined to think differently.

She wasn’t the only one getting messages like that either.

Clearly this man graduated from the Travis Palermo school of seduction.

This was an interesting person for Jack Connolly to put his re-election in the hands of. Especially when you consider that five years ago he and his criminal mastermind friend robbed a cab driver, but not before using their credit card to pay $2 of the $20 tab, and leaving behind several cards with his name on it so they’d be easy to find.

Police did not have a very difficult time tracking down two men accused of assaulting a taxi cab driver after one of the men left multiple cards with his name on them behind, and paid partial cab fare with a credit card. The incident happened Saturday night at around 11:30 p.m. The two men took a taxi from the Alewife MBTA station in Cambridge to an address in Arlington. When they reached the address, the cab driver told the men they owed a fare of roughly $20.  One of the suspects then reportedly slid his credit card through the cab’s payment system and paid $2 of the fare. When the cab driver told the men they still needed to pay the rest of the fare, police report that the passengers and driver began to argue. After the driver threatened to call police, one of the men started punching him.The driver then reportedly reached for his cell phone, and one of the suspects then grabbed it, throwing it out of the cab onto the pavement. The men then fled.

After the driver called police to report the incident, he gave a description of the two men, which police broadcast to officers in units around the area. The driver also reported that the men had left multiple cards with the name “Chris LaFrance” on them in the back of the cab. Arlington police dispatch matched a man with that name to an address on Cleveland Street in Arlington. Officers went to the home and found two men inside, whom the driver identified as the suspects who attacked him.

Police arrested Christopher LaFrance, 25, and Jacob Shaps, 24, of Boston, and charged both with unarmed robbery, assault and battery, and intimidation of a witness. The men are scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Cambridge District Court. Police say the driver was not badly hurt and declined medical attention.


But on the bright side, he’ 6’2″ with an impressive lower midsection.

Connolly lost this time around, which would seem to suggest that putting your campaign in the hands of a criminal who sexually harasses strange women all hours of the night isn’t a good way to stay in office.

Also, maybe don’t brag about endorsements from unstable lunatics who peddle fake news like William Tauro.

Nor is it wise to use your Facebook account to brag that someone like Jacob Vaidas was inspired by you to be the person he’s become.

He also may or may not have won the lottery, which would probably be a more attractive selling point than, “It’s 3 AM and I swear to God I’ve got a big d***.”

On top of that he was listed on the City of Somerville’s website as an employee in several capacities

And others are saying that he coaches youth soccer.

Although we haven’t confirmed that, we have confirmed that he is now claiming that he was “hacked.”

Which is just so original. It’s not like that’s what everyone says when they’re caught doing something embarrassing on the Internet. If he says he was hacked then I guess that settles that. After all, it’s not like he’s an on-again, off-again homeless degenerate who robs cab drivers. This totally seems out of character for him.


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