Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone Fining Citizens $300 For Not Wearing Masks In Public Because This Was Never About Flattening The Curve


Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone is now punishing anyone not wearing a mask in his city with a $300 fine.

Just to review:

  • Government shuts down businesses
  • Employees and business owners no longer receive paycheck
  • Citizens are stripped of constitutionally protected freedoms without their consent, under the guise that we just need to flatten the curve for 2-3 weeks
  • Curve gets flattened a week ago
  • Instead of loosening restrictions the power hungry government increases restrictions instead
  • Citizens who have lost money due to forced government shut down now forced to buy a mask that the city will not provide for them, or pay more money to the city

If you still think this is about public health then you are not a smart person.

If the City of Somerville cared about public health then Joe Curtatone would not have opened up “safe injection sites” for drug addicts to inject addictive poison into their bodies.

If the City of Somerville cared about public health then Joe Curtatone would not have urged that the charges against I-93 “protesters” be dropped, since their illegal blockade prevents ambulances from getting to the hospital.

What’s a bigger threat to public health? An influx of drug addicts and the prevention of first responders to get sick patients to the hospital, or a healthy jogger breathing air?

If you still think this is about public safety and not a bunch of power hungry tyrants seeing how much they can get away with, then you’re not paying attention.

Keep in mind, this guy is a “liberal,” in a city where a lot of people are struggling to get by. A city where there are no shortage of kids who qualify for free and reduced lunch. A city run by a mayor who is against voter ID laws because poor people can’t afford to pay for an ID. He’s now going to force poor people to give him $300 after taking their jobs away from them over a virus.

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Very progressive.

Maybe instead of making citizens pay fines for being free Curtatone could reimburse the city with the costs they paid to his attorney in order to file a lawsuit against Kirk Minihane because he was too stupid to realize that Kirk is not Kevin Cullen. Ya know, the lawsuit that was dismissed for being a complete waste of time.

But of course they do stuff like this because they are elected by people like this who will thank them for it:

Meka works at Mass General Hospital. Healthcare workers should not be dictating policy. It is their job to treat the sick, not prevent sickness in the first place. We’ve flattened the curve for them, sacrificed for them, and people like her still demand that we do more. No thanks.

And if you think I’m ever running with a mask on, you can kiss my ass. The virus doesn’t spread outdoors and it’s no more of a deadly threat to healthy people than driving a car. I hope Somerville Police make it a point not to ticket a single person for this. It’s one thing if the supermarket, which is indoors and far more likely to spread inside of, forces you to do it. They’re a privately owned business. But when the government not only mandates it, but punishes you for not complying, you have tyranny.

See that? He’s drunk on power. People like Curtatone have always viewed the constitution as a barrier between them and complete power for years. All it took was a virus for people to just pretend that it no longer exists. Has anyone heard from the ACLU on these matters? Seems like civil liberties should be a priority for them.

I was on board with the lockdown early on because it was only supposed to be 2-3 weeks to flatten the curve, but clearly there is no end date. No matter how much things improve, and how much we learn about the virus not spreading outdoors, the more restrictions we still end up getting.

“Now’s not the time to ease up.”

Does that sound like someone who’s done taking your freedoms yet?


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