Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone Remains Silent After Police Cruiser Tagged With Bigoted Anti-Cop Graffiti Despite Denouncing “White Pride” Graffiti


Last week a Somerville Police cruiser was vandalized while parked on Washington Street directly outside SPD headquarters.

According to police sources two white males were seen doing it on film, but they had masks on, thanks to Mayor Joe Curtatone’s mandate, so it’s impossible to identify them.

ACAB means  “all cops are bastards,” a common refrain of hatred popularized by black lives matter. It’s an outright expression of hatred towards an entire group of people due to the fact that they’ve chosen to pursue a career in law enforcement in order to protect the people of Somerville from violence and criminality.

Joe Curtatone hasn’t said a word about this because just like BLM he hates the police. You’d think the Mayor would want to send a message that vandalizing city owned property while spreading hatred towards a group of people is something that wouldn’t be tolerated in Somerville, but clearly it will be.

However, he wasted no time denouncing “white pride” graffiti under a bridge where crackheads barter sexual services in exchange for fentanyl from Diego the friendly neighborhood drug dealer.

White pride is hate. All cops are bastards is equity.

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Black power is OK though.

He didn’t waste any time denouncing white lives matter graffiti on top of a BLM mural, and used it as a reason to put up more BLM signs.

Despite the fact that BLM supporters tagged up the SPD cruiser he still has their banner hanging in front of City Hall.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.36.52 PM

Over the summer a Twitter used called “Becca defund the police” tweeted at him when she saw a thin blue line flag on a Somerville Fire truck. He took about five seconds to publicly denounce that and have the flag removed.

Because supporting murdered cops is hate, but saying that all cops are bastards is restorative justice.

And although he has remained silent on the anti-police hatred he’s fostered in Somerville, he wasted no time in denouncing Sam Adams because their CEO was happy about a tax reduction, and sued Kirk Minihane (and lost in court) because he’s a moron who fell for a prank phone call.

So maybe he’s just busy.


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