Somerville Socialists Meet With Mayor Curtatone To Demand That The Police Are Disarmed Because They Arrested Antifa At Straight Pride Parade


Fresh off a disastrous loss to Kirk Minihane in civil court, Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone is now humoring a group of city residents who seek to disarm the police because they provided security at the straight pride parade in August. The mayor attended a meeting the last week in Somerville where this idea was proposed and said that he didn’t think it was a bad idea.

Among the proposals put forth by attendees was a public apology by SPD, reducing the SPD’s budget and disarming patrol officers. Numerous members of the public called for a civilian police oversight board with control of the SPD budget, the ability to investigate the department and the power to discipline officers. Curtatone said that he was open to the idea. 

The memo also announced the mayor’s office would support continued dialogue on the controversy, work to create a civilian police advisory committee and review SPD’s use of asset forfeiture, which funded the deployment. Curtatone said he remains committed to those objectives on Wednesday night.

A civilian review board filled with skinny-jeaned beta males with no experience in policing would have the ability to control the police department’s budget, investigate cops, and discipline officers. What could possibly go wrong?

In mid-September a group of these completely rational people who should be taken seriously demanded the city investigate the officer’s actions that day. So they did, and the report concluded that the police did their job.

The report found that SPD officers made no arrests, did not use pepper spray or their batons, did not initiate interventions into the crowd of counter-protesters and did not wear riot gear. They did, however, enter the crowd and assist BPD officers in taking individuals into custody.

Nevertheless, Curtatone apologized on behalf of the department that literally was just exonerated of any wrongdoing by the report.

Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone apologized for the department’s actions and condemned the Straight Pride Parade as “white nationalist hate” at the community meeting.

Must feel great to go to work as a Somerville Police Officer every day knowing that the guy who runs the city feels the need to apologize on your behalf for doing your job.

Here’s a short clip from the meeting.

Let’s play, “find the black person.”

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Oh wait, this is Somerville. There are none. It’s just a bunch of upper middle class white trust fund babies who wanted to be hip and live in a Boston suburb, drove up rental costs, and in doing so priced out people of color.

There was another meeting a few days prior that Curtatone attended, in which he apologized to a room full of white people for the “trauma” they experienced at the hands of the police.

Again, let’s play find the back person.


What was this trauma? Being part of an anarchist mob that spit on peaceful marchers and police officers and expressed their desires to assault a gay man.

According to the speaker Evan Seitchick (an “activist”) the SPD is out of control.

“I saw a Somerville Police Officer with a blue lives matter flag on his hat. That’s a racist flag. That’s a white supremacist symbol.”

This is a VERY serious issue. A police officer wearing a hat that honors and respects fallen officers like Michael Chesna, Ron Tarentino, and Sean Gannon? That can only possibly be construed as a symbol of white supremacy. The best part was when no one in the audience objected to it, and instead they snapped their fingers like trained seals because clapping is too loud and triggering to the people who have PSTD from the 4th of July.

“Then to go to the rally and see the police with their backs to the Nazis arbitrarily pulling out queer people to pepper spray and rough up. I saw Somerville Police arbitrarily and tackle and arrest a queer person.”

That never happened. Ever. As a matter of fact Evan shared the videos on Twitter showing the police not doing any of that.

He’s still triggered by it to this day.

Instead of paying police to protect and serve the community, Evan has a better idea for where that money could be reallocated to.

“We should have a dramatic reduction of the police budget and using that money for affordable housing and climate change.”

Yea, that’s what we should do – stop funding the police and put the savings into…..climate change. This is a perfectly normal thought process for an adult.

Here’s their list of “ideas.”

“Disarm SPD.”

I’m all for it personally. You tell me the community in which there are no guns, and I will go into that community and leave a very rich man.

Evan Seitchik gave a speech in 2018 that he’s posted on social media.

In that video he bemoans greedy developers for selling homes that price out people of color, while starting off his speech by announcing that he just bought a home there with his wife, not realizing that he directly contributed to the problem he’s complaining about.

Here’s where it gets a little confusing. That bearded Evan Seitchik doesn’t appear to be the  same person as the guy wanting to disarm the police in the first video, who appears to be transitioning to a woman. But that’s because the real estate transfer fee video was from 2018, and Evan has undergone some changes since then.

Bold. Brave. Beautiful.

Some may say that it’s indicative of a mental disorder for a well groomed, seemingly successful married man to give it all up, become a woman, and become a full time socialist. But those people are all hateful bigots, and I think we can all agree they would burn in Hell if there were such a thing as the afterlife.

What does Evan do for work anyway? How does an “activist” afford to buy a house in Somerville? Well, he’s listed as a consultant for Colburn Hill.

Evan Seitchik is a healthcare technology and analytics consultant with a background in revenue cycle and advanced mathematics. Evan led a project to assess the self-pay assets of a network of over 30 hospitals representing over $10 billion in revenue, integrating data from a patchwork of patient accounting systems to deliver both a new and holistic view of their performance and a path forward for greater financial results

Translation – he helped maximize profits for multi-billion dollar hospitals by showing them where to trim the fat. Very progressive of him.

It’s not clear if he still works there now, since his profile picture on Coburn Hill’s website was from when he was a man’s man.

But evidently he wanted to give up this gig to become a full time activist/socialist who spends his free time hanging out with Antifa at rallies, filming the police doing their job, and demanding that they be disarmed.




I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Bernie bros are the absolute worst the left has to offer. Any grown adult who chooses these morons as their peer group is a moron by association. This is what these people want – a country where police don’t have guns.


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