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Somerville They/Them Photographer Offers Discount To People Of Color And LGBT Because They Can’t Afford To Pay Full Price


This is Riley Vecchione, an aspiring photographer from Somerville whose pronouns are they/them.

They’re just making shit up and don’t care at this point. That’s a chick who looks like, dresses like, and acts like a chick. Yet she thinks people should call her they/them because we stopped laughing at these people and attempted to take them seriously.

Anyway, they/them is looking for some new clients and went on a community Facebook group yesterday to announce a sale she was having, but it came with a catch.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there is no one, and I mean NO ONE, more racist than a white liberal consumed with white guilt.

“My intention is to offer this special rate so that lower income families have the opportunity to get the kinds of quality photos that may ordinarily be out of their budget.”

This BLT-123 is apparently under the impression that black and brown people are all poor and couldn’t possibly afford to have her take overpriced pictures of them without her white savior complex kicking in and offering them a discount. Imagine writing those words down in a public forum and not being ashamed of yourself? Wait until she finds out that white people can be poor too.

I get that people like this stereotype and generalize black and brown people as desperate and impoverished because they’ve been force fed it by people like Joe Biden, who say with a straight face that “poor kids are just as bright as white kids.” But since when does the LBGT community need a discount? Do you see a lot of gay poverty when driving through a bad neighborhood? Where’s the gay ghetto at? Oh right, it doesn’t exist. Because gay people on average do quite well for themselves and are ideal neighbors. That’s why they got a month that’s two days longer than black people got.

The best part is that this is all on the honor system, so whatever you do DO NOT pretend to be a person of color when signing up to have her take your pictures, only to show up and be white. Your cracker ass is getting charged full price if you pull a stunt like that.

P.S. Instead of looking for black clients, maybe you should look for some white friends first, they/them.


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