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Son Of Revere Man Who Stabbed Boston Cop Blames Police For Killing Him, Shares Last Conversation With Dad About Selling Him Quarter Pound Of Weed


On Monday we published a blog about Boston 25 News writing a story glorifying a Revere man named Richard Ortiz who was killed after stabbing a Boston Police Officer in Dorchester.

They took the story down after being publicly shamed, so we will carry on where they left off.

Richard’s son Ricky Clout is sharing his thoughts about the Boston Police Department on Facebook.

I for one am shocked that he’s blaming the police for shooting a man who just stabbed a cop, while assigning no blame or responsibility on his father who could’ve lived if he had just not stabbed a cop.

They’ll always have the family photos to memorialize him by at least.

That man right there was a great role model and huge loss for the community.

Ricky Clout and his old man had a lot of deep conversations about life, and he shared their last text message exchange in which pa dukes arranges to buy a quarter pound of shitty weed off his son, under the condition that it be fire.

That might be the most ratchet memorial of all time.

Not to be outdone Richard’s baby momma Ana Rodriguez is very upset that she’s “loosing” her “king” and “negras happy place.”

She also shared her final messages with Dear Stabby, which were from 3 years ago.

The community will never be the same.

What’s really important to understand here is that Richard Ortiz did absolutely nothing wrong, the police are entirely to blame, and people like this should definitely be memorialized by mainstream media outlets. We ask for a moment of silence as we pour some Fireball and Henny out for Richard, and never forget his contributions to society.

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