Sonoma County Hires Kylie Kirkpatrick As Sign Language Interpreter For COVID Briefings Despite Facing 7 Felony Charges For Fraud And Tormenting The Deaf Community For Years


Sonoma County, CA, which borders Napa, has hired disgraced con-artist Kylie Kirkpatrick to be their sign language interpreter for COVID related briefings.

A review of horrible things Kylie Kirkpatrick has done to the deaf community can be seen here:

  • Strong armed her way into various festivals to be the sign language interpreter by using veiled threats, despite not being properly certified to interpret
  • Many in the Deaf community complained that she wasn’t signing correctly, often left events early, and sought out deaf people as a way to get into concerts for free
  • Got a job teaching sign language at a community college but skipped classes to do paid ASL interpreting at a Bernie Sanders rally and offered her students credit if they attended
  • Got paid to do ASL interpreting at a Wentworth convention but left early before a raffle so deaf people attending had no idea if they had won
  • Threatened to sue the Wentworth convention when they found out she left early and told her she would not be paid for her whole shift
  • While she was supposed to be interpreting at an event she took a picture on a plane with two men in which she referred to herself as a “celebrity Mom”
  • Sued three different ASL organizations, all of which were dismissed or are inactive, and has since been ruled a vexatious litigant who can no longer sue anyone
  • Sued a deaf woman who started a petition to remove her from her teaching position at Napa Valley College
  • Made up a lie that the woman who started the petition was going after Kylie out of spite (because Cynthia’s friend allegedly wanted Kylie’s job, which was untrue), said that she was the victim of “horrible prank phone calls,” and blamed members of the Deaf community for saying “horrible things about me and my family.”
  • Deaf Services Unlimited has put her on their no contact list
  • Currently has restraining orders out against her for prolonged periods of harassment


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And now a government entity has hired her to be their sign language interpreter.

It should be noted that Kylie Kirkpatrick is currently facing seven felony charges, including six for grand theft and one for welfare fraud, and 13 misdemeanors, 12 for theft and one for defrauding an innkeeper, as a direct result of our reporting in January of 2020. She is well known in the bay area, and is one of the most notorious scam artists in the country. It’s unfathomable how Sonoma County could not know who she is, since she’s been all over the news for years now, ever since she first got national attention from politicians like Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Gavin Newsom by making up a lie that her 9 year old son (who was conceived in a closet at a rehab facility where she was a patient) had donated his allowance money to pay off school lunch debts for his classmates. She received free Super Bowl tickets from the Oakland Raiders and was featured in a ceremony with Hall of Famer Jim Plunkett, was a guest on daytime talk shows, and was flown across the country to push for legislation in Rhode Island by meeting with the Mayor of Providence and a State Representative. Actual legislation was passed in 2 states as a direct result of her lies.

How did this happen? Napa is a stone’s throw away from Google headquarters, and if you search for her name on this magical website you will immediately see that she is a criminal.

Yet a government entity hired her anyway.

This is Christina Cramer, a ballroom dancer and career government hack who has served as the Director of Human Resources for Sonoma County since 2015, earning a salary of over $200,000.

She is the face of a bloated California government that has resulted in a mass exodus from the state. Ultimately it was her department that hired Kylie Kirkpatrick. To contact Human Resources you can send them an email by clicking hereor reach out to them on Facebook by clicking hereIt’s a slap in the face to all of her victims, which includes children and the Deaf community, for her to be given this paid position by Sonoma County.


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