Sources: Monica Cannon-Grant’s Husband And Co-Conspirator Clark Grant Killed In Motorcycle Accident


Clark Grant, the husband of Monica Cannon-Grant, reportedly died last night in a motorcycle accident according to sources who spoke exclusively with Turtleboy Daily News. WCVB is reporting that someone died in a motorcycle accident last night in Easton at the intersection of Route 138 and 106. Route 138 goes directly to Taunton, where Grant lived with Cannon-Grant.

Clark Grant’s Taunton home was raided by federal law enforcement officials in October of 2021, and he was arrested and charged with unemployment fraud.

Grant had pretended to be receiving no income as a result of COVID lockdowns, but was being paid by Cannon-Grant’s fraudulent nonprofit, as well as his job working for the transit. He applied for a $410K mortgage to purchase their Taunton home, but listed the nonprofit’s business account as a personal asset because his personal account did not have enough money to qualify.

Monica Cannon-Grant was charged 5 months after her husband and is currently facing 27 felony charges in federal court. Amongst the allegations is that Monica and Clark used donated money from the nonprofit for personal use, including a spa trip to Maryland that Monica posted about.

After unemployment became suspicious that Clark and Monica were defrauding the system Clark texted Monica to tell her he was caught, and Monica told him to lie to the government and say that VIB had been closed during the pandemic.

It’s unclear how this will affect Monica’s legal case moving forward, or if she will attempt to use his death to gain leniency and mercy from the court. She reportedly posted about his death today before removing the post on social media. Based on her previous behavior she is unlikely to remain silent for long.

There were two targets of the investigation, but now there is one. His death means that Clark Grant would no longer be able to take the fall for Monica. The couple has a young child together, and defense attorneys in the past have asked that parents being charged with crimes be allowed to serve their staggered sentences in order to ensure the children are not placed in foster homes. It’s unclear if Monica will use this strategy in order to argue for a reduced sentence if and when she is found guilty of the crimes she’s being charged with.

We will keep you posted with any more information on this as it becomes available.


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