South Boston Man Seeks Identities Of 2 Women Who Urinated On Pee Pads And Left Them In His Driveway 


A South Boston man is looking for the identity of two women who urinated on his property and left behind their soiled pee pads.

You know it’s not your first time treating someone’s fence like a Mexican urinal when you:

  • Carry a pee pad with you and leave them behind for the homeowner to clean up
  • Do it in broad daylight and fear nothing
  • Carry on pleasant conversation while doing so

I’m confused how a situation like this could even happen. This isn’t parade day. Were they drunk during the middle of the afternoon, or do they just have a problem with modern plumbing?  Their outfits are confusing too. One of them looks like a furloughed Craig’s List hooker who just left a cocktail bar, while the other one looks like she took a wrong turn at Meth Mile and ended up in Southie.

The post was removed from the group because as usual someone felt like the lowest dregs of society should be immune from getting called out for their behavior.

How dare the property owner use social media to try to figure out who the vagrants are that left their urine soaked pee pads in his driveway! The OP is the the creepy one here, not the two ladies who dropped trough on someone else’s property and unleashed Hurricane Goldeneye on his fence.

“Dogs and cate pee on our plants daily.”

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Really setting the bar high there.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve drained the lizard many a times in public, but you do it in an alley or behind a dumpster like a civilized human being. And I’ve certainly never left behind soiled linen on someone’s property for them to clean up either.

Anyway, it’s a long shot but if anyone out there knows their identities feel free to hit me up on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected]


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