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South Shore Couple Stabs 3 Men With Barber Scissors In Child Custody Dispute, Dad Sold Donated Diapers On Facebook And Has Long Criminal Record


Normally I’m pro-scissoring, but not when it’s like this.

Wicked Local: A South Shore couple are behind bars after police said they attacked three men with a pair of scissors in Weymouth, sending one man to the hospital. James C. Barkas, 33, of Hull, and Sarah Bartel, 23, of Milton, were arraigned Monday in Quincy District Court on three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, three counts of assault and battery, witness intimidation, armed breaking and entering in the daytime and conspiracy. They were both held without bail until a Wednesday hearing to determine if they pose a danger to the public if released.

Weymouth police said Barkas and Bartel went to a home on Josie’s Way at about 4 p.m. Sunday to look for the mother of Barkas’ child. Barkas was upset about arrangements for watching the child, a victim told police, according to a report filed with court. Police said the pair started banging on the window and door of the home and got into a confrontation with a man who came outside. The confrontation escalated and the couple attacked the man who came outside and two other men who came to help him, according to police, who said all three were stabbed by Bartel, who had a pair of scissors. One of the victims, a 21-year-old, was taken to the hospital. Another victim escaped in a Jeep, but not before Barkas and Bartel attacked the car, damaging it, police said. Police said Bartel screamed at a woman not to call police when she was trying to report the fight. Police said Barkas and Bartel took off and were arrested by State Police in South Boston.

It appears as if these two upstanding citizens are suffering from the “disease” that’s been going around. The one that turns people into degenerates who are no longer responsible for their behavior. As part of their detox one can only assume that stabbing was step 9 in the recovery process.

You’ll never guess what Jamie Barkas does for a living.

He’s a barber, which may mean that he gets to write this off on his taxes. Naturally when his baby momma didn’t let him see his child he rounded up his new girlfriend and they headed on over to take care of business, armed with the company scissors. When a man came outside to speak with them, presumably because the baby momma knows how crazy he is, the new girlfriend decided that the only logical thing she could do at this point was stab him and anyone who attempted to help him from being stabbed some more. Nice girl.

Relationship goals.

Edward Scissorstabs is no stranger to the law either. In 2008 he was arrested after trying to rob a pot dealer, and then stole a car and drove it at the cops.

Three young Hingham men and a 15-year-old juvenile were arrested in connection with a Cohasset marijuana dealer who was beaten and robbed during an alleged drug transaction. The other man, identified as James C. Barkas, 22, of 238 Hull St., Hingham, was seen at 3:23 p.m. crouching alongside a house on Old Coach Road, police said. Barkas is charged with stealing a Ford Explorer from the driveway of that home and driving it at several officers. The Explorer hit an unmarked Scituate police cruiser and Barkas was arrested.

He of course was out on bail in another unrelated case.

Judge Coven set bail at $7,500 cash or $75,000 surety on the Cohasset charges. But he revoked Barkas’ bail in connection with another Hingham District Court case and ordered him held without bail.

He doesn’t just get his girlfriend to stab people, or drive over cops with stolen cars though, he does white collar crime too.

James Barkas, 26, of 38 Hull St., Hingham was arraigned in Quincy District Court on two counts of uttering a false check, two counts of check forgery, and larceny under $250; The case was continued to Nov. 28. Barkas was released on personal recognizance. The charges stem from a July 18 incident in Weymouth at 6 p.m. when police responded to a report about check fraud and several stolen checks cashed at various Eastern Bank branches.

He also sells iPhones, cars, and Bruins tickets on Facebook.

Which totally isn’t shady at all. I’m sure he purchased all of those things, as he’s clearly a bright person who would never incriminate himself in such a manner.

I can’t imagine why his baby momma wouldn’t want to let him see his child though. It’s not like he sells hundreds of diapers, a “never used” changing table, and dolls with the tags still on them on Facebook.

Almost like he has no relationship whatsoever with his child, but uses his alleged fatherhood to solicit donations which he then sells for a tidy profit.

This was my personal favorite – check the date.

There are people out there who actually love him enough to give him diapers on Christmas, assuming that he will use them to take care of his baby. He sure proved them wrong by waiting a full 24 hours before he sold them on Facebook.

And finally, in six degrees of TB, check out the GoFundMe she shared.

Sad story about a loving Dad who died in a motorcycle accident right? If the name Danny Sheehan sounds familiar it’s because he’s also a south shore barber who was featured in a Turtleboy tryout blog in May after arrests for selling cocaine, and armed home invasion.

Shocking that these folks run in the same social circles, and a huge loss for the community. Sad.


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