South Shore Foodies Admin Demands Restaurants Give His Followers Discounts For Mentioning Them In His Facebook Group


Meet Rick Pessin from Raynham.

Rick runs a Facebook foodie group called the Hockomock Swamp Supper Club and Desserts Emporium, a which is closing in on 30,000 members and lets people share pictures and links to their favorite restaurants.

If this concept sounds familiar it might be because last year we profiled Beverly’s Greg Bates in a 7 part series, after we turned his 35,000 member North Shore Eats foodie group into an instrument used to to coerce local restaurants into paying him with gift cards or cash. Rick Pessin is no Greg Bates. He doesn’t appear to be a deadbeat Dad who pretended to commit suicide in a text message to his kids. Nor is he doing promotional gift card giveaways to imaginary people with fake Facebook accounts he created.

Up until recently his group has been a place where people can share pictures of their favorite restaurants in case people were looking for a new place to try out. Then this week he went and did this.

It’s not full Greg Bates, but it’s well on the way. Never go full Greg Bates.

Newsflash – you’re not special because you started a Facebook group. You provided a neutral platform where people can talk about food. You have no power, and the page doesn’t actually belong to you (it belongs to Mark Zuckerberg). You don’t give anyone business or spread the word about restaurants. Individual users do that, and if your group didn’t exist they would do that elsewhere. Restaurants mentioned by members of your group owe you exactly NOTHING because their food is good enough to be recommended by satisfied customers.

This was quite Batesian.

“It is THE time restaurants in our region show the 27K members of this group some love.”

Citing the number of people who joined your group in order to flex your unearned sense of entitlement is straight out of the North Shore Eats manual.

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You can’t guarantee that people mentioning your business will lead to more business either, even though you did guarantee it in that post. You are not an advertising agency or a digital billboard. This post got one like.


I don’t know Rick Pessin, and in no way am I saying that he has reached Greg Bates status. It’s not like he extorts local businesses in cash or gift card form only in order to hide money from the IRS, avoid getting a job and having his wages garnished for overdue child support, and in turn promises not to bad mouth them on his page. However, self-important people of no particular significance who make demands of small businesses that have razor thin margins as it is, just rub me the wrong way.


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