South Shore Hospital ER Director Bans Nurses From Wearing Shirts Supporting Murdered Weymouth Cop Michael Chesna After Anti-White Malcontent Secretary Complains It’s Racist


This is Shanice Alexander, the patient access coordinator at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth.

Shanice was hired in April of 2022, and celebrated by making a Facebook post in which she accused her previous employer Boston Medical of running a racist plantation.

Plantations were places where black people were enslaved, raped, tortured, and in some cases murdered. She apparently is comparing a woke hospital in Boston to that, which tells you everything you need to know about her ignorance and lack of perspective.

South Shore Hospital is in Weymouth, and is where Sgt Michael Chesna was transported after being fatally shot by a deranged, career criminal BLM supporter in 2018. He died in their ER, so it’s common to see nurses and CNA’s wearing thin blue line shirts with his name on it, referencing his sacrifice. This upset Shanice Alexander very much, so she posted about it on Facebook.


“Imagine being treated in the ER by someone with blue lives matter shirt on as a person of color.”

Oh look, she’s accusing the doctors and nurses she works with of being a danger to black patients simply because they choose to honor a beloved father of two who died in the line of duty while protecting the community. Not a single patient has ever complained about employees wearing the shirts, just this disgruntled ratchet at the front desk who compares Boston hospitals to slave plantations. She’s also complaining that she can’t wear a BLM shirt, even though no one told her she couldn’t, nor would anyone dare complain like she is if she chose to wear such a shirt.

According to sources we spoke with, this is par for the course for Shanice:

“This same staff member also has made several anti-white Facebook posts accusing all whites of being racist and one that actually jokes about how black people are always finding something to be offended by. She has also been witnessed telling another staff member he is a “pussy ass white boy”.”

Keep in mind, this is a woman who constantly is complaining about how oppressed she is as a black woman. For instance, COVID is racist, which she witnessed first hand while working at BMC. She’s also just finding out about oppression in China, and she’s demanding a hotline so she can report racism from the Chinese.

“Black people, it’s time to stop supporting anybody that ain’t one of us.”

If you replaced black with white in that sentence Shanice Alexander would be fired and never be able to find a job in healthcare again. But because she has racial privilege she is allowed to say things that people with different skin tones cannot. She’s not wrong about the Chinese government being racist though. Wait until she finds out about the Uyghurs, and the fact that they manufactured an apparently virus in a lab that killed millions of people. Unfortunately that country completely controls what black players in the NBA are allowed to say about democracy in places like Hong Kong, but don’t expect her to complain about LeBron James being China’s stooge anytime soon.

Shanice has never hidden the fact that she will support and associate with anyone, so long as they are the same skin color as her and share her hatred of law enforcement.

But she also hates the nurses she works with for supporting good cops like Michael Chesna, and white people in general.

In a sane world a person like this would be fired or told to stop writing unprofessional things on social media that reflect poorly on her employer. If she were as oppressed as she pretends to believe she is, then her complaints would not be taken seriously. Yet when she went and complained to her boss Paula Beaulieu she got everything she wanted.

An email was sent out to all staff telling them that they could no longer wear shirts supporting Michael Chesna, right as Chesna’s murderers’ trial began in corrupt Judge Beverly Cannone’s Dedham courtroom. No email was sent out reminding staff of the hospital’s social media policy. This spoiled brat and professional malcontent who has been working at this hospital for barely over a year, and who has a history of racist Facebook posts and smearing other hospitals as slave plantations, was able to change the dress code policy that no patient ever complained about with a simple email.

But please, tell me how oppressed you are as a black woman, Shanice. Must be so difficult to constantly get your way and never be held accountable for your own behavior.

This decision did not sit well with staff, who reached out to Paula Beaulieu, the director of the ER where Sgt Chesna died, to voice their concerns. Unfortunately this is what she looks like.

As you can tell just by looking at her, Paula has likely read every book written by multi-millionaires Ibram Kendi and Robin DiAngelo front to cover, and accepted their opinions on racism as fact without doing any critical thinking on her own. Not surprisingly she regurgitated what was written in their books when white nurses and CNA’s complained about the policy and Shanice Alexander’s racist Facebook posts, by telling them that all white people are born racist, they just don’t realize it. Paula Beaulieu further went on to lecture these employees, who had no idea they were born racist because they hadn’t read White Fragility or given money to Kendi, that their racism comes out in the form of something called microagressions towards black people, which includes thin blue line t-shirts. They may think that they’re supporting a heroic police officer who died in the line of duty and left two children fatherless, but they’re actually being racist towards Shanice Alexander because they are all up in her feelings.

This is what South Shore Hospital considers to be offensive and racist.

Meanwhile, Shanice Alexander is still not happy with the victory. Despite the fact that she’s new to the workplace, seems to have complete control over her bosses, and berates white people for supporting murdered cops, she believes it’s a “you problem” if you find her intimidating. As a matter of fact, if you complain to the boss about her behavior then you’re “basically calling me the N word.”

“I’m tired of the bullshit.” – Woman who gets her way with everything merely by invoking the color of her skin.

She also calls her white employees the same racist term that Monica Cannon-Grant uses to describe them.

“Clear folks.”

Ya know, because their skin color is so light you can see right through them.

But please, tell me how oppressed you are Shanice. Must be hard going through life like this. Paula can be reached for comment at [email protected].


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