South Shore Moms Facebook Group Cheers On Looters For Destroying Black Owned Businesses 


Last night rioters in Minneapolis broke into a police precinct and burned it to the ground as the cops fled for their lives and abandoned the station like it was the Titanic.

Consequently black owned businesses like this sports bar, which were already struggling because of the commie cold lockdown, were destroyed by looters.

This was a shameful move by an unqualified Mayor who looks like a failed community college English professor who has beanbag seats in his classroom and leaves his wife because he’s in love with one of his 19 year old coeds from English Lit 101 because she’s “more mature than her age.”

We live in a country where thousands of rioters are allowed to burn police stations to the ground with zero consequences, but the police are busting up driving ranges, churches, gyms, and underground bars. I never want to hear anything again about social distancing again.

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Every time the media focuses on a story like this they do so because they want riots. We’ve become conditioned to expecting and allowing “protesters” to have “room to destroy.” None of these people cares about George Floyd, they’re just looking for a reason to burn things.

If you choose to participate in a riot you should do so knowing that there’s a good chance you will get killed. The cops have guns and they should use them. Even Davey Crockett went down shooting. When these anarchists start attacking cop cars and burning down police stations with people inside they should be shot. Do it once and they’ll get the message. Rioting and looting is an act of terrorism and you’ll be treated as a terrorist if you participate in it.

But of course the SJW mayor would rather emasculate the police department by forcing them to leave, so Trump called him out for it last night on Twitter.

You’ll notice that the leader of the free world had a tweet removed by a tech company who thinks they should be the arbiters of free speech, because it “glorified violence.” Let’s see what it said.

“Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you.” – John F. Kennedy

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” – Franklin Roosevelt

“A house divided upon itself cannot stand, half slave, half free.” – Abraham Lincoln

“When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” – Donald Trump

What a time to be alive.

There’s no reason for that tweet to be taken down. Never mind the double standard of thousands of blue checkmarks threatening violence on a daily basis, this is the President of the United States communicating policy directives. He’s telling unlawful rioters that they are in danger of being shoot if they choose to loot and riot. This is a policy announcement and Twitter should not be suppressing it.

I’m personally a fan of Twitter finally going after Trump, not because I want him censored, but because Trump is the only person who can fix tech censorship that’s been plaguing publishers like me for years. He could ignore it until it happened to him, and now let’s hope he actually does something about it.

Meanwhile in Mamas of the South Shore Facebook are gleefully cheering on as black owned businesses and police departments are being destroyed.

“I personally hope they burn the whole city down.”

How very white of you. How about instead of destroying other people’s homes and businesses they come and burn your house down instead? After all, they’re upset about George Floyd. This is an acceptable justification for burning down private property. It’s easy to sacrifice someone else’s home, but not so easy to sacrifice your own.

Almost everyone in the group agreed with her.


Oh really? How many of your family members have been killed by cops dear? Just because a man 1,500 miles away who you saw on the news was killed by a cop doesn’t mean that your kids are will be killed by the cops. The fact that I have to explain this in writing is sad.

Just a reminder that a week ago it was unsafe to leave your house at all, but now looting and rioting in large groups is done to bring to the light the feeling of being unsafe. The only way this issue can be addressed is by burning that poor guy’s restaurant to the ground.

This is insanity.

If you live every single day scared that your kids are going to be killed by the police, then you have an irrational fear and are clinically sick. It’s not statistically a fear that should concern you. Less than 300 black people are killed nationwide by the cops every year. A small fraction of that are children. Your kids have a much, much better shot of getting killed by a swarm of bees than they do being killed by a cop.

And finally the white women chimed in.

“When communities rise up against their violent oppressors.”

Oh I get it now. The black guy who owned the sports bar was oppressing the white trust fund Antifa member. And the police, who act as the last line of defense for people of all colors, should be burned to the ground. I guess the cops should just stand down. That’s worked out great for black owned businesses thus far. This is the face of a selfish woman who thinks she’s being a good person by cheering on the destruction of black owned businesses from her comfortable, safe home in Taunton.

She also ironically demanded a lockdown.

Unless of course you have a hankering for burning thing. Then you can’t get the virus.

The bottom line is if you’re cheering on rioting and looting it’s because you’re a selfish person. You desperately want prove that you’re one of the “good ones,” but all you’re really proving is that you’re actually the one who is racist.


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