Southampton Woman Accuses Elderly Man At Big Y Of Sexually Harassing Her After Accusing Him Of Taking Pictures In Public And Refusing To Give Her His Phone 


This is Kaley O’Donnell from Southampton.

Yesterday she became the the victim of sexual harassment after living through a horrific incident at Big Y in which she believes an older man took a picture of her grocery shopping.

Just to review, she saw an elderly man with his phone out and noticed his camera was on, so naturally she assumed that he was taking pictures of her fully clothed in public so he could beat his pud to the images later on. She asked him if he took pictures of her, he denied it, and then she demanded that he hand over his phone so that she could go through it and make sure there were no pictures of her. He told her he wasn’t going to give his personal property to a complete stranger, so naturally then it proved that he was guilty.

The best part is that she spoke to the manager so they could look at their cameras, which were videotaping her the entire time, and didn’t see the irony of that. In her mind it’s OK to film people in public, you just can’t masturbate to it later on. She’s the cum police.

I’ve done blogs about this before, and it just boggles my mind how many people think they have some sort of right to privacy in public. Newsflash – anyone can take pictures of you any time the moment you step out of your house. Everywhere you go you are being filmed, and you should just assume that people are taking pictures of you because it really doesn’t matter if you are. It doesn’t affect you in any way at all, and you’d have no idea that it even happened.

The most remarkable part about this anecdote is that Gingervitis was genuinely surprised when a complete stranger didn’t hand over his phone and allow her to go through his picture album. Imagine if some stranger came up to her at the grocery store and demanded to go through her phone after she took her it out and harmlessly aimed it in his direction while taking a selfie or reading a text. Would she say, “sure, here’s access to all of my personal pictures, please let me know when you’re done looking through them”?

More than likely she misinterpreted what this old man was doing anyway. I’ve taken pictures of stuff inside grocery stores for a number of reasons. Sometimes I need to know if I’m getting the right brand of something so I take a picture and text it. Other times I see someone dressed hilariously and wanna send it to people and laugh about it later. It doesn’t really matter because we’re in public, it’s my phone, and I’ll take a picture of whatever I feel like.

Then there’s the narcissism factor. How full of yourself do you have to be to think that you’re so hot that men use you for spank bank material? There’s a never ending supply of hardcore pornography on the same device this man allegedly took pictures of you with. You have to be really, really depressed if this is the only thing that can give you an erection:

For arguments sake, let’s say that he did exactly what she accused him of doing. So what? What is this fascination people have with policing masturbation? Why do people care what makes other grown adults climax in the privacy of their own homes? You don’t even know it’s happening. If a load of tummy pancakes lands on a dirty gym sock and no one is around to see or hear it, does it make it sound? As long as they’re not acting on it in public, who cares? You don’t have a right to prevent men from jerking off to you in the privacy of their own homes.

Newsflash – if you’re a good looking woman who posts pictures of herself on Facebook, men on your friends list are using those pictures to do the bologna backstroke. That’s why Instagram was invented. The only way you’ll never have to worry about that happening is if you are this person:

Gingervitis constantly posts pictures of herself on social media that the guy in the grocery store could easily find and pleasure himself to. 

Again, that seems highly unlikely given his options, but it doesn’t affect her in any way whatsoever. I, for one, would be flattered to know that women are using my profile pictures or taking pictures of me in the grocery store to double click the mouse, but that seems unlikely. Stop pretending you have any desire for privacy if you post pictures of yourself on social media. You’re not a boomer. You know how the Internet works. 

Some people on the Southampton page agreed with her:

Of course the Ukraine flag mafia lady recommends “making a scene” when you believe no evidence that a stranger is taking your picture in public.

Others told Kaley that people can take pictures of other people in public, which she acknowledged was legal, but still upset her because they’re “probably used for sexual gratification.”

Again, in the age of virus-free Internet porn, no one is bopping the bishop to this.

You should be flattered to be in a stranger’s spank bank, but you’re probably not. Get over yourself.

She doubled down on the idea that he was guilty because he didn’t hand over his phone to her.

“He had the chance to clear the air and chose not to.”

The G in KGB apparently stands for Ginger.

Finally she posted one last message on Facebook about how she was the victim of sexual harassment.


You’re right, it’s not. Anyone can take a picture of your butt in public and it’s perfectly OK. That’s why we wear clothing when we go out – so people can’t see your actual butt.

Sorry Kaley, but you weren’t sexually harassed because the man didn’t speak to you or touch you. The only person who was harassed here was him because you bothered while he was grocery shopping.


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