Southbridge Cocaine Dealer Looking To Purchase Food Stamps On Facebook After Arrest Hurts Revenue 


It’s been quite some time since we delved into the black market for taxpayer funded food stamps. We were overdue for one of these.

Food stamp Friday!

This individual is looking to purchase food stamps, not sell them. Generaully these people are more entrepreneurial than the sellers because they don’t qualify for food stamps, and are actually looking to buy food as opposed to acquiring cash for heroin. Nonetheless it’s all illegal, and it’s conspiring to defraud the taxpayers. Basically they pay $50 for $100 worth of food stamps (maybe $60 if Diego the friendly neighborhood drug dealer raises his prices) so they can get double the amount of groceries on the dollar.

His real name is Emmaneul Soto and he’s from Southbridge. Does this look like the kind of person who would buy food stamps from someone desperate for cash?

The hat. In three different styles nonetheless. If you put one of those things on your head then you magically enter the underground food stamp black market. It’s science.

For a guy who’s trying to save money on food at the expense of the taxpayers he sure doesn’t seem to be hurting for bling though.

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But yet he still lives in Southbridge and can’t afford to purchase groceries. Because, priorities.

Looks like he’s been short on cash for a while now, which is why he’s been forced to sell some of his bling. He even weighed it out on his digital scale, which normally is used to separate Webster shwagg into dime bags, but has other useful purposes as well.

Or maybe you’re in the market for the official vehicle of Southbridge.

A 96 Civic. Rims not included.

Looks like he had to find new ways to make and save cash since selling cocaine didn’t work out quite the way he had hoped.

26 year old Emmanuel Soto of 19 Oliver Street flr#2 in Southbridge, MA was charged with possession with intent to distribute class B cocaine and with conspiracy to violate the drug laws

He looks in great shape there.

If only he could sell his Google trophies for food stamps.

He’d never go hungry again.

Looks like he found a buyer.

I for one am shocked that this man right here has food stamps he can procure for his boy.

Shocked I tell ya!

Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful Food Stamp Friday, and keep working hard and paying taxes so that people like this can do something besides sell cocaine!


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