Southbridge Woman Who Started GoFundMe To Fix Boyfriend’s Car Had Baby Die Due To Neglect, 3 Other Kids Found Covered In Feces And Fleas


Amanda Lacroix was featured in a blog in 2016 and reached the final four of the first ever racthet madness tournament the next year.

A local trap queen named Amanda Lacroix, who goes by “Amanda Jeanne Marie” on Facebook, posted this GoFundMe to the “Charlton sell everything n surrounding towns” Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 3.52.51 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.11.55 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.11.40 PM 5116971_1472514838.5399_funddescription

Yes, you read that right. A woman who does not work, and sits around all day collecting SSI that she does not pay into, is begging people for money so her pizza delivery boyfriend can fix his car. To make it more shady she’s only asking for $500, because anyone with a brain knows that it’s gonna take a lot more than $500 to revive that hunk of junk.  It’s not enough that the taxpayer subsidize her reckless and irresponsible lifestyle. Now she wants you to pay her again because her grown ass “fiance” is too much of a loser to fix his own car.

In other words, she’s looking to go on a $500 heroin bender.






You know you’re white trash when 99.9% of your pictures on Facebook are selfies. These people are so infatuated with themselves it’s not even funny. The ironic part is of course that they have nothing to be infatuated with, and everything to be ashamed of. It’s cool though because she fixed Orlando and gay marriage:



Notice in those pictures that she has plenty of money for jewelry, partying, and tattoos. Because why would you be responsible with your money when you can just blow it all on debauchery and beg strangers for money later on?

Here’s where this story gets really twisted. We noticed this picture on her Facebook page:


It’s a grave for a poor baby that died before turning three months old. So we Googled “Brooklyn Kilborn” and this is what we found:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.19.27 PM

“DCF cause of death: Supported allegation of neglect of the child related to unsafe sleeping.”

This monster had her baby sleeping in an “unsafe” environment, and died as a direct cause of her negligence. How is she begging for money on GoFundMe when she should be in jail?

Then we did some more Googling and the story got worse. Turns out in 2010 she was arrested for being the worst mother ever:

A flea-infested infant boy was left alone in a filthy apartment near St. Joseph’s School while the baby’s 2-year-old sister, wearing a dirty diaper and with a gash on her abdomen, wandered outside by herself. She was tended to by stunned neighbors who stopped her before she could make her way out onto busy Whitcomb Street, police said. When the child’s mother showed up as police were examining her apartment, she was placed under arrest. The two children were taken into state custody.

Amanda Lacroix, who turned 24 on Monday, of 48 Whitcomb St., pleaded not guilty yesterday in Dudley District Court to two counts of reckless endangerment of a child and disorderly conduct. The children’s father, Keith Kilborn, was not arrested because he was not disorderly, police said; instead, they said, he would be summoned to court. Judge Robert B. Calagione released Ms. Lacroix on $100 bail. A pretrial hearing is Oct. 25.

A third child was staying with a grandmother. The state Department of Children and Families took custody of all three of the defendant’s children, a police report said. Two neighbors had gone outside to smoke cigarettes just before 8 a.m. They saw the girl, who looked sad and cold with goose bumps and red splotches, walking by herself, the witnesses said. 

If a child had wandered into the one-way street from between parked cars in the thickly settled neighborhood, a vehicle traveling the 30 mph speed limit likely wouldn’t have been able to stop, the report said. One of the neighbors ran upstairs to tell another neighbor, and the three of them searched in vain for the girl’s parents, police said. They walked the child to another neighbor’s apartment, put a blanket on her and called police.

Officer John Nedoroscik tried to look for a caregiver inside 48 Whitcomb St. The front door was unlocked. The officer heard a television from the living room, where the infant, under attack by fleas, was on the floor wrapped in a blanket. Both children were taken by ambulance to Harrington Healthcare at Hubbard Hospital. Feces were scattered throughout the apartment and soiled diapers were on the floor and on furniture. Open and decomposed food littered the apartment, police said.

Authorities notified the chairman of the Webster Board of Health, who deemed the apartment unfit for children, the police report said. Officer Nedoroscik said he saw people watching the investigation while sitting on the steps of St. Joseph School, across the street. He said Ms. Lacroix came out of the door of the school. When the officer asked her name and whether she had any children, she did not respond and stared blankly, he said.

Asked again if she knew her children’s whereabouts, the woman came out of her daze and “began waving her arms and yelling” something that was incoherent, police said. While the officer and Mr. Kilborn talked, Ms. Lacroix walked to the back of the ambulance and then into her apartment. She later came outside smoking a cigarette and walked to 44 Whitcomb St. During her arrest, she allegedly told police the incident was the 2-year-old’s fault because she had unlocked the door, police said.

This woman has given birth to SIX FREAKING KIDS!! And she’s probably not done unfortunately. We’re not gonna post a picture of them on this blog, but here’s a link to her Facebook page if you wanna see her proudly pretending to be a real mom.

That’s the most disturbing neglect story we’ve seen. It’s right up there with the Blackstone House of HorrorsNot only did this gutterslug allow her babies to be left unattended, covered in their own feces, and violently attacked by fleas. Not only were her kids found walking into the middle of a busy street, covered in goosebumps by neighbors. She also had the AUDACITY to blame it on the two year old for leaving the door unlocked. There are no words. This woman is satan.

And it gets even worse. After Brooklyn died in 2013 she went out and got pregnant again:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.03.45 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.03.54 PM “She was a gift from Brook saying Mommy I’m still with u and Amelia will be here to take my place until we meet again so don’t be sad be happy.”

It’s infuriating as a father to even read that. To know that your child died because of your neglect, and that three of your other children were taken by the state six years ago because neighbors found them wandering the streets in their own feces while you were getting high, and to still sit there and pretend that your dead child somehow wanted you to have ANOTHER baby…..there are no words. If Brooklyne could speak she would be begging you to close your legs and get your tubes tied.



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