Southeastern Regional School District Calls For Special Meeting Monday At 6:30 To Discuss Tony Branch Allegations, Protest Expected


Editor’s Note: I will be protesting outside of the Southeastern Regional School Committee meeting in Easton before tomorrow night’s meeting at 6:00 and urge others to join me. Bring signs, demanding that Tony Branch resign because he treats women like this and has sex with 15 year old girls:

Ask why members Gerson Monteiro, Christine Gaze, Robin Zoll, and Barbara Kaplan voted to protect him, or why Branch himself was allowed to be the tie breaking vote against his own censure.

The Southeastern Regional School Committee is having a special meeting Monday night at 6:30 PM in Easton after member Mindy Kempner filed an open meeting law complaint against Chairman Tony Branch, who has come under fire as a result of our reporting on his history of statutory rape and domestic violence.

This complaint has nothing to do with the fact that a sexual deviant is running the School Committee, but both the Teacher’s Union and the outgoing Superintendent have publicly requested that Branch resign and have nothing to do with selecting the next superintendent. By the looks of this OML complaint it appears as if Branch has allegedly been violating the law in order to push forward the candidates he prefers.

The Union also has an item on the agenda about their concerns over Branch’s involvement in the search, and the MASC has sent a representative to speak on the matter.

It’s also noteworthy that the Brockton Enterprise has not written about this yet, which is odd because they’ve written glowingly about Branch being the first black person to serve as committee chair. It would seem that a judge telling a public figure running a 9 town school system that he believed his denial of statutory rape was “not credible” would be newsworthy. Especially when you’re a small town newspaper and the committee nearly censured Branch in an unprecedented move. As a result of the Enterprise’s failure to report on this matter the public and some committee members have dismissed the reporting as not credible.

The Enterprise at this point is intentionally covering for Branch, and in doing so is allowing him to remain in charge of this school district.

I spoke with reporter Chris Helms three weeks ago, and he assured me they would be writing a story. He told me that he was shocked at the 5-4 vote, had reviewed the court documents, and sent a reporter to the last meeting. He asked me not to screenshot our conversation and I respected his wishes for two more weeks. But at this point it’s clear that I was being lied to and they are complicit in the cover up.

The Enterprise is making a concerted effort not to tell the public that a sexual deviant is running a major school system. Then they act shocked when they’re called enemy of the people.


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